Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Your New Story

"When you let go of your past, your present truth emerges. It takes a lot of energy to carry your history with you all the time, and it clouds your connection to the Divine. So choose to become extremely curious about your new story, in what God has in mind for you now and for tomorrow. Then decide not to let your past define you anymore. Retire the old saga and move on. If you slip, and find yourself looking backward, stop by saying, "That's the old story of me. Let's talk about the new one."---Sonia Choquette

I read this in a brief, stolen quiet time I had today, and it touched me, just at the right time. I was impressed with the idea of how effective applying it would be, especially with respect to "victim stories" and "I have a problem with _____" stories, both of which really drain energy. I am going to apply this today.

~Picture by LoveHubbie Mark


Kikipotamus the Hobo said...

I am struggling now with this lesson, as well. It takes a lot of faith to let go and just be, just flow with what is now.

Olivia said...

It does, doesn't it, Kelly? Even when I didn't like the old story, it was MY story, and I told it for SO LONG!

Faith and trust in the now. Faith and trust in the Universe as being good. Faith and trust when physical reality seems to be one thing but I am believing in something that's not manifested yet.

Yesterday the old stories seemed more comfortable. Today is a new day!