Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Sacred Life Day 2

This is my much-loved, well-used, sort of ugly, always-a-little-dirty tea cup. I drink tea all day from it every day---black tea, green tea, herb teas, etc. The handle broke and LoveHubbie glued it back together. It's still hanging in there after many years. I think it was a free gift from Amazon in the late 1990's when they were just getting started to say thank you to me for keeping their stock prices up being such a good customer. It says,
"biblioholism: the habitual longing to purchase, read, store, admire, and consume books in excess."

It is sacred, special, and soothing to me. I dearly enjoy and am grateful for the delight of tea-drinking.

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Kikipotamus the Hobo said...

Olivia, you make me realize that it's the smallest things that make up my most sacred rituals. Those are the things that ground me... like hot tea in my favourite old mug.