Sunday, August 19, 2007


I read this in my quiet time today and wanted to share it with you in its entirety, because it really affected me deeply. It is from Mark Nepo's "The Book of Awakening". I have a special blog reader in mind that this is for, although hopefully it will touch each reader in some way. My thoughts are with you, with many blessings, and great peace:

"The Chick Being Born

Every crack is also an opening.

When in the midst of great change, it is helpful to remember how a chick is born. From the view of the chick, it is a terrifying struggle. Confined and curled in a dark shell, half-formed, the chick eats all its food and stretches to the contours of its shell. It begins to feel hungry and cramped. Eventually, the chick begins to starve and feels suffocated by the ever-shrinking space of its world.

Finally, its own growth begins to crack the shell, and the world as the chick knows it is coming to an end. Its sky is falling. As the chick wriggles through the cracks, it begins to eat its shell. In that moment---growing but fragile, starving and cramped, its world breaking---the chick must feel like it is dying. Yet once everything it has relied on falls away, the chick is born. It doesn't die, but falls into the world.

The lesson is profound. Transformation always involves the falling away of things we have relied on, and we are left with a feeling that the world as we know it is coming to an end, because it is.

Yet the chick offers us the wisdom that the way to be born while still alive is to eat our own shell. When faced with great change---in self, in relationship, in our sense of calling---we somehow must take in all that has enclosed us, nurtured us, incubated us, so when the new life is upon us, the old is within us."

What is struggling to be born in you?

I SO am the chick in the egg, and I know what I need to do...I just need to do it.


Karen said...

What a wonderful, wonderful quote! I love it--printing it out right now to put up in my studio.

Happy happy birth day!

Jessie said...

What an incredible quote. I'm going to remember this when I start feeling this way. Transitioning out of the familiar and into new territory can be so incredibly challenging (on so many levels!). Thanks for sharing this. I have a feeling these words will return to me often throughout life.

Olivia said...

I'm so glad you liked it, Karen and Jessie. It is a truly wonderful quote, apropos, comforting and challenging at the same time!