Sunday, August 19, 2007

Getting Creative the Last Two Days

Well, the last two days have been interesting. I've continued to work on my four collages, making progress.

I've found that I work differently, especially slower, thinking that I'm going to be sharing my art with others. I've never really done that before. I sort of got over the abject fear hesitation and am currently just pretending that I'm not going to be sharing them with anyone, so that I can continue to work authentically. I expect that this is a big hurdle everyone must face sooner or later when they first decide to share their work.

Yesterday I went on an Artist Date...remember those from Finding Water? I'd not been on one since we finished our twelfth week! I was with LoveHubbie while he was working in another town, and I'd brought my novel-start that I've been working on for months. So while he was working, I walked and walked, reading my novel-start and remembering, then reading a little more and walking some more, trying to immerse myself in the story I'd wanted to create.

I decided that one character is now out, and I'm going to delete her from everything. Plus I got some other ideas for the rest of the novel, especially what voice sounds best for the main character to use. It was great walking and thinking...walking and thinking....

I decided I want to bring back the Artist Date; it's a great way of being creative.

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