Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Creative For A Month 6th Day

Today I spent lots of time with my art, just fooling around, which was nice. I had no dedicated time---too busy---so I just did it while everything else was going on. My satellite tv repairman ended up needing to stay 3.5 hours instead of the hour we'd planned, and I shared some of my work with him, helping him with questions and then returning to my art; this was new and different. Art is what I usually do alone, in secret :)

I like this better.

Being attuned to the need to "make it happen" every day causes me to be alert to opportunities to be creative in ways I would never have thought of.

And today I went for a walk, discovered a labyrinth, and on it found a toy soldier that I will use in my work. I don't think I would have seen it at all before.

I can tell that something is opening up in me.

~Picture by LoveHubbie Mark, Maui


Leah said...

oh, i just love how much this process is opening up for you! yay!

Olivia said...

Thanks, Leah, I am seeing the wisdom of the theme of your blog, "Creative Every Day" :)