Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Creative For a Month 13th Day

Today I feel a need to "take in" by reading and thinking and processing instead of expressing something outwardly, although I may write in my journal later on.

Still, I wanted to do something creatively different, so I finally updated my Blogger profile. To suit my contemplative mood, here are some gorgeous pictures from LoveHubbie I'd like to share with you tonight:

~All Pictures by LoveHubbie


Patti said...

Just love your blogger profile photo - no wonder you were having trouble with your hair!! lol :)

Kate I said...

I also live in a house in the woods...on Vancouver Island. I enjoyed visiting your blog Olivia.

Claire said...

take your time, olivia, let all your learning sink in and become part of you - body and soul...
we're quite happy soaking up the gorgeous pics :o)

Olivia said...

Patti---just about---really!

Kate---I emailed you, but that's another thing we have in common---a house in the woods. I just now (hopefully) chased a chipmunk out of my house.

Claire---ahhh, thank you, I needed that.