Friday, March 5, 2010

Going On Vacation

Well, LoveHubbie and I are getting ready to leave tomorrow morning on vacation. I'm very excited. It's a lot of work to leave LoveHubbie's business and all of our goings-on here for three weeks, and I've been busy arranging things. I've neglected blogging, although I've enjoyed reading all of your blogs. It seems that things going on here are more on the mundane side and seem less important to blog about.

As I've mentioned, I'm not taking my laptop, but will have my iPhone for Facebook and Twitter. However, I won't be reading every FB status update and Twitter post. Believe it or not, I read each and every one here at home in a pretty compulsive way. I don't think that many people are as addicted as I am, and so I'm wanting to break this habit. I think I'm way too tied into technology. My word for the year is Presence. In order to live that out, I need to disconnect somewhat from technology, and I'm looking forward to this, as hard as it might be.

On the other hand, it could be very easy. This doesn't matter as much to me---whether it's hard or easy. I just want to do it. My laptop has worn a place in my lap and although I'll miss it, I want to be available for other things. I am trying to emulate the approach described in this post from Christine Mason Miller.

On Monday I meet with my editor for the first time and go over the edited draft of my book. Then on Tuesday, I plan to attend what's called "`O Lono `oe Makahiki Closing, Ki`au`au Ka Wa`a `o Ka `ilila `au", which is the launching of a special canoe off the beach in a Hawaiian ceremony. On Friday night at sunset we are having a party (my first party in at least six years) at our condo for some friends from the Friends of Moku`ula (the project for which I wrote my book). Then on Saturday, it is the launching of the Ka `I`imi `Ike Program for the Friends of Moku`ula; this was delayed by the tsunami last weekend and so we are fortunate to be able to attend. Lots of activity for this Turbo-Introvert, but I am looking forward to it. In between I will have no responsibilities, just time for reading, swimming, and relaxing. So I think I can handle it!

LoveHubbie will be working M-F remotely and is bringing technology to enable him to do so. I am hoping that he will be more open to relaxing once we get there.

I plan to focus my reading on fiction (lots and lots of it), presence, Henri Nouwen, and being in my body more than in my head.

I am also hoping to establish a stronger exercise routine. Since I've been having so much pain when I walk, I saw a new doctor this week who told me that the knee and foot problems I have will be helped dramatically by specific exercises. It was great news to find out that there is nothing degenerative going on, and to find out how to recover.

This will be my first alcohol-free trip to Hawaii. I haven't ever done this before, and am excited about it, a little scared as well (but in a good way, a Be Brave kind of way). It's hard sometimes for me to assert myself by holding to my dietary restrictions in group settings, and oftentimes people don't understand. Still, I plan to venture out on this trip and experiment with holding true to what I believe is best for me. I have been moved and inspired by your comments, and especially one by Jane who wrote about the difference between her dad and brother in how they handle their diabetes. Observing the choices made by LoveHubbie has been motivational in me holding the line with my own choices, no matter how hard.

Low carb eating is not a trendy way of eating right now--most people are trying to be vegetarian and vegan--but it works for me, and a high healthy-fat diet is even more controversial. Most people don't understand or approve of this, but again, I'm going to venture onward. When I give up my laptop, I lose the community support for many aspects of my lifestyle, so it will be a chance for me to look within and hopefully find the strength and support I need.

I will miss all of you so much. I of course will read each and every one of your comments and of course blog posts when I return. I hope you all have times of growth and peace and being brave these next three weeks.

Love and blessings,


~All photos by LoveHubbie Mark