Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My New Blog Header

Do you like my beautiful new blog header? It was designed by artist extraordinaire Karen Smithey from Art in the Garage! The reason it is askew is due to me---I was unable to install it in Blogger; you really have to tweak the HTML template all over the place, which is beyond my level of expertise. Karen is going to fix that up for me too :)

Karen made each of the "Happy Luau" letters out of pictures from my web site that have sweet memories for me. I wasn't sure what I wanted, so she came up with this creative idea, and I love it! It took a boring Blogger template and made it into something truly special.

She also designed a favicon for me of a palm tree that I am equally delighted with.

Thank you, Karen!


ennyman said...

Yes, I like your new header. I am posting though because of the Art in the Garage, which is what I do as well.

Your Labyrinth connection in your Interests made me take a peek, and thanks for letting me visit a moment or two.

Olivia said...

Thanks, ennyman, for visiting. I'm glad you like the new header :) Welcome back anytime.

Or, in Hawaiian, "E Komo Mai"