Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wellness Wednesday...Caught Unawares...10:30pm

Today is Wellness Wednesday, and I forgot. I was taking a day off from blogging after being Creative for a Month and completing Carla's My Sacred Life Project. And then, when I checked my blog reader, Bloglines, for the day, and discovered that it was "Wellness Wednesday", I decided I needed to post after all!

I felt a little bad because my site visits had skyrocketed and I had nothing to offer for Wellness Wednesday.

So just now I thought back. What had I done to support a wellness lifestyle today?

For me, there is great room to move upwards with respect to wellness. So I'm in a good place :)

Even so, today I rested, for the most part. I watched some television. I got a lot of sleep. Lots of walking, too. Until my husband, called in my blog "LoveHubbie", had his heart attack a little over a year ago, I had worked as a life coach. I had ideas at the time of being a "rest coach". What I really needed was to get some rest myself. I still struggle with workaholism, giving myself permission to play, giving myself permission to create. If you do too, please visit Carla's Women at Rest blog. It will be nurturing to you, I promise. And Jennifer Louden's blog, too.

So, anyway, today I rested...some.

Just remember....and say to yourself:

And that's about it. But today, it feels like enough.

Thanks, Elena, for Wellness Wednesdays!


Journey Through Life said...

A wonderful post, Olivia. So glad to see you resting.
Thanks for sending me onto Wellness Wednesday.

Maddie said...

I just love the "i have enough..."
painting - very beautiful!

The Dream said...

That IS a great painting with a message I need to bear in mind. Thanks Olivia.

I had a pretty restful day today myself ... and even some meditation time in a hot tub.

Olivia said...

Thanks Annie, Maddie, and Lori-Lyn, I'm glad you all liked the poster. Wellness Wednesday will be fun and beneficial. I feel a need to keep resting today...while I'm decluttering. active day!

Thanks for visiting,

Love, O

lunarmusings said...

Thank you so much for participating! And I so needed to read this. Enough... More then enough! on all counts.

Blessings to you,

Lynn said...

Lovely affirmation painting. Love it. It's ENOUGH! It fills me up.