Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Sacred Life Day 27

A Full Day

Today I was uncharacteristically at a loss about what to pick for the My Sacred Life Project. It usually comes to me pretty strongly, but today was different. Then I realized that it was a different day, busy in a sense that a lot happened (not busy as in rushing), and in that I got a whole lot done. I was very grateful for the fullness and the ordinary accomplishments of the day. I like days like these.

This picture of the inside of this orchid may not seem to go with the post, but to me it suggests a fullness and a leisureliness at the same time. And beauty. So it's perfect.

~Picture by LoveHubbie


Hamguin said...

I see amazing complexity, rich, vibrant colors, and life!

After catching up on your last few days, it is amazing to me that you are able to enter a nice, comfortable post like this one, Olivia.

Certainly, doing all the logical, prudent things you have done since your keys were stolen is vital. I don't know of a way to get your jittery inner child back to playing happily in the sandbox, other than the passage of time and conscious releasing of the feelings involved. So glad you are progressing already on that front!

When our house was broken into years ago, it took some time to get back to walking in my house the way I always had, like I could let down my guard because I had pulled up the drawbridge in my mind's eye. Now, I'm back to feeling secure. Just took time.

Lisa said...

Love days like you've described. The day just seems to flow from one completed project to another, without much effort.

Olivia said...


Yes, it IS amazing. I've done tons of things, too, besides the emotional work, though. From getting the locks changed to repairing the alarm (that I didn't even know was broken) to going to get the mail shouting at the peeper and more.

Thank you for your acknowledgement. It is good to know that this will continue to get better and better with time, except that there will always be a layer of caution, and maybe that's a good thing!

Thank you Rick, for your sharing and support!



Olivia said...

Yes, Lisa, effortless! No struggle, forcing, or pushing. I can't wait until I have enough of whatever I need to make more days like that. To me they seem to spontaneously just "happen", but I know that I have "something" to do with it :)

Love and blessings, Olivia