Monday, September 17, 2007

My Sacred Life Day 29


Today it is raining in the Pacific Northwest where I live. Fall seems to be here, soon to be followed by winter, with lots of rain---and maybe snow, power outages, sleet, and ice. This fall I am going to see the blessing and joy of the rain instead of whining about it all the time and calling sunny days "nice" and rainy days "ugly". I get to start today---yay! Then I'll be trained and ready to take on the winter, a much bigger challenge.

We who live in this wonderful place often forget about where we came from and why we moved and how and where we used to live. I know I do. I get accustomed to the beauty, the trees, the animals, the mountains, the fresh clean air, the norm of fresh organic luscious food. I live in an incredible small town, the only place on earth I'd like to be, except for Hawaii, where I someday may live, too. (I'm being positive today and purposefully seeing the future as limitless.)

So this is my garden in the rain:

Even the rain makes the day sacred, because it feeds the earth and the plants. Plus it provides a contrast to the sunny days, and I appreciate them more. (I'm trying here, reaching, wanting to appreciate it...really!)

There's even another reason to appreciate the rain today. Christiane Northrup writes on her Daily Inspiration today:

"Opt for optimism. Studies show that those who see the glass half full actually live healthier, longer lives. Remember, optimism is a choice that also takes courage."

I'm all for choices that take courage. So I'm going to "act as if" and love, love, love the rain in my words, and in my thoughts. I know that this will... eventually...change my experience.

And, of course, everything is like this, not just the rain, I was thinking. I want to appreciate everything about My Sacred Life. As I near the end of my month, I know that although I will cease blogging every day about my sacred life, I want to continue to find sacredness, signs of God, signs of life, signs of every moment.


Patti said...

You do live in a wonderful place - your garden is so lush. In Australia we have been in drought for many years and so rain is very sacred.

Your optimism is catching! There's nothing like positive energy when it comes to making changes in our lives.

Olivia said...

Oh, thanks Patti, and I'm glad you caught it ;)



Kate I said...

There's a saying that there's no such thing as bad weather...just inappropriate clothing!

We share the same rain clouds, and wild west coast storms, so we can remind each other of the sacredness of torrential downpours in November!

Olivia said...


Sounds like a great plan, Kate! Love to you, Olivia

Carla said...

I love this post. Hugs to you, Olivia! :)

Olivia said...

Thanks, Carla...Hugs right back to you!

The Dream said...

Gorgeous garden, Olivia!
I really loved reading your post this evening. I absolutely love the rain and coolness. I have never been to your neck of the woods, but have always wanted to head out there. It looks magificent in all of the pics I have seen - and I love that you are all about continuing to find sacredness. One of the very coolest things about participating in this project, for me, has been making a connection with you.

Olivia said...

Thank you, Lori-Lyn, that is so sweet of you. I treasure my connection with you as well! This has been a truly amazing month, Love, Olivia

Lynn said...

What a lovely peaceful garden. Definitely a place to meditate and rest and enjoy. You and the rain created this! Wow!!!!