Sunday, September 2, 2007

My Sacred Life Day 14

A blog has been birthed!

Annie and I had an idea, and some email conversations...Annie went on to create a beautiful blog that is a safe and wonderful place for us to visit to:

    Share our journey as we read the book "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert, and

    Grow, unfold, and blossom as we reclaim parts of ourselves and of our beauty

Here is an excerpt from our welcome post:

"Many people struggle with issues of totally accepting the beautiful souls that we all are. And often, as a result of that, our happiness, healthy lifestyles and self-love instincts can suffer.

In designing this blog, we are seeking to create an atmosphere where we can learn to move beyond these restrictions to a life where we love ourselves and each other unconditionally with total acceptance. As we begin to do this, we begin to really see the Truth in our lives - that we are all part of the same energy, that we are all here to learn and grow, and that life, at its simplest form, is purely about Love.

Compassion, understanding, gentleness, care and acceptance. These are the things that we are learning to unconditionally give both ourselves and those around us. We are learning to simply BE!"

Annie has shared how the timing of this blog is perfect for her; it is for me as well. I have just turned 50, which for me is a sacred and profoundly exciting spiritual time. My most important intention for this time is something that has eluded me for a half-century, until now. I have struggled with food issues and body acceptance my entire life; this struggle has dominated my life on a daily basis. I have come to see that I need to let go of the struggle entirely, and learn to accept and love my body as it is. I want to become healthy and lose my extra weight not through any diet or by eating according to anyone else's standards, but through passionately embracing life, discovering how to fully feel my feelings, and learning to be in my body instead of my head.

I agree wholeheartedly with Annie that Soaring Free Souls has been God sent. I want to invite you, too, to join us if you would like to be a part of our blog and of this loving community.

~Logo by Annie, Picture by Me


Claire said...

talk about synchronocity... my friend in santa barbara called today - she's reading the book, and has sent me a copy!!
i've just left a comment on the soaring free souls blog - what a beautiful idea!!
and do treat yourself to a custom-made set of beads - deb's wonderfully intuitive :o)
all blessings xxxx

Carla said...

What a WONDERFUL idea, Olivia & Annie! I have the book but need to wait awhile to finish reading it ... her relationship drama at the beginning is too close to my own self-harming patterns for me to read right now (but I'm assured it's not throughout the whole book). Anyway I love your welcome message -- it sounds perfect for where I'm at too.

Karen said...

I just finished reading it after a friend gave me a copy! I'll be over to check in at Soaring Free Souls...

Thanks for your kind words of encouragement over on my blog. :)