Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Creative for a Month Day 21

Today I indulged myself in a different type of creativity. After a really difficult day, I came up with a plan to live a healthier and better life. A structure that I really needed in my day.

I have been dilly-dallying for some time about eating healthier (and less), getting disciplined about my spiritual time, beginning a bona-fide exercise program---in short, committing myself to my own overall health. Instead, I've made a bunch of half-assed attempts and filled my life with lots of excuses.

Some of this was precipitated by reading "Eat, Pray, Love" and starting the new blog with Annie. Some of the impetus came after watching an Oprah show with Dr. Mehmet Oz that focused on an obesity wake-up call.

Some came from watching my growing girth in the mirror and literally running out of clothes. I'm one of those people who got rid of all of my fat clothes, so I have only tight sausage clothes now in four too-small sizes. I've resorted to wearing some of my husband's clothes that I can at least breathe in. In the past this just made me feel hopeless and depressed, but today I realized that I could actually be successful at turning my life around.

I don't know why I have hope today, but I am so grateful for it, and for the ideas on how to do this that just came to me on my walk. Spirit has come alongside me and whispered in my ear "You can do it!" and for that I'm grateful.

~Photo of one of LoveHubbie's sunflowers by Me


Beverly Keaton Smith said...

LOVE the sunflower. I picked up Eat, Pray, Love yesterday. Hope to dive in soon. Congrats on making a new beginning in your life. Fall is such a wonderful time of year to turn over a new leaf! Beverly

Olivia said...

Thanks, Beverly :)

Patti said...

We can all use a little more self love. Yes, you really can do it! Sending you waves of support from across the world.

Kikipotamus the Hobo said...

I can so relate to the clothes problem. Tonight S took a look at what I was wearing and gave me a quizzical look. "Fat Lady dress," I explained. My pants all make me look...yeah, like sausage splitting out of its casing. Back to tent dresses until I can get this under control again. Sigh.