Friday, October 5, 2007

BE BRAVE: Day 8: The Confession

BE BRAVE, otherwise known as "Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You", is the title of the month-long project inspired by Jessie. I am participating daily for a month. Today is Day 8.

This video is 1:40 long.

I called this "The Confession", kind of tongue in cheek, because in my previous blog (a blog that supported my now defunct life coaching practice) I modeled perfection and success all the time as a life coach. I could have been more real, but didn't know how to do that at the time.

None of us are perfect, but sometimes I think that we think everyone else is and it's just us that aren't :)

We stumble, we get back up, we "try" again (of course with the intention of "doing" and being successful), but at the same time, we allow ourselves to learn, and are gentle with ourselves, like babies learning to walk. WE WILL's just a matter of learning the lessons we need to learn.

~Picture by LoveHubbie Mark


Kate said...


I loved the video, you are courageous and I love the quote. I have Mary Ann's book Lean Forward into your Life and it is wonderful. I found at the market in Charleston and its full of good things.


The Dream said...

You are such a trooper! I am hoping to get 8 hours of sleep tonight - the first time in a long time. Love the video!

Journey Through Life said...

Dear Olivia, thank you so much for your dedication. I can't tell you how much it meant to me.

Watching you doing the Be Brave has been amazing. Because I don't think I could do that for 30 days. You are an amazing woman Olivia Happy Luau! And you are inspiring me to look at my journey in a new way and maybe find my own Be Brave.

With much love and friendship,

Olivia said...

Kate, thank you for your comments. I didn't know that Mary Anne is an author, and looked up her book on Amazon; it does look great. I saw that quote in a catalog I was looking at, and it fit for the day. Love to you tonight, O

Olivia said...

Eileen, My body loves 8 hours, but I always have so many things I have to do, and then later in the evening, after I officially quit working, so many things I WANT to do. But I will learn to make this a priority, because it does affect my levels of energy and mood.

Hope you get some sweet sleep tonight, Blessings and peace, O

Olivia said...

Well, Annie, you're welcome for the dedication and you deserve it in all ways.

I think that you are already finding your own Be Brave. You would be surprised what you can do on a daily basis...especially if you pace yourself in the amounts and types of challenges! Anyway, you seem to be doing it "unofficially" :)

What I am hoping for is to be able to break a previously unconscious pattern of avoiding my fears and letting them rule me. To whatever degree I'll interrupt that, I'll be thrilled.

But I couldn't do it without everyone's support, Annie. Not at all. When I struggle, I come to the computer and read and answer some comments and feel strengthened. Or I visit someone's blog (like I did yours today) and get inspired. You modeled perseverance, authenticity, and good self-care in your post today, and it lifted me up!

I do not have this quality of support in my off-blog life, thus it is all the more precious to me. So hey, isn't it beautiful that we support each other!!

Thank YOU, Annie. I have been so blessed by your love and friendship, and offer you the same in return,

Olivia Happy Luau (I love that name!)

Jessie said...

here i am, once again, smiling like a happy idiot after watching your video. i swear, i can actually feel laughter coming out of my HEART! :)

and this is a good reminder. thank you for that, olivia. and thank you for this amazing chronicle of your journey.

i've left a trail of comments tonight on the past several of your blog entries. hope you don't mind me in large doses! :)-

lots of love to you,

Olivia said...


I love you in ALL doses, large and small, and the more the better :)

I'm so glad that you like the videos, and that they make you laugh...and let me say again that I appreciate YOU very much, and this project, and your visits, and your encouragement...I could go on and on and on...

Much love,

Patti said...

You do have loads of courage Olivia. Stay with it!

Olivia said...

Thank you Patti...I'm a truckin' along :) Thanks for your support,

Love, O