Wednesday, October 3, 2007

BE BRAVE: Day 6: AND Wellness Wednesday: Grounding Actions

BE BRAVE, otherwise known as "Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You", is the title of the month-long project inspired by Jessie. I am participating daily for a month. Today is Day 6. It is also Wellness Wednesday, inspired by Elena. This post belongs to both projects, as it is a huge step towards greater wellness for me.

I decided to do another video to explain what this step is. This video is only 1:31 long:

I was inspired to take this step by Lori-Lyn, who has changed her life profoundly recently, and by Angela and Carla, who live life authentically and powerfully as sober women. And by LoveHubbie, who has various health challenges and thus has committed himself to strictly regulating his sleep cycles.

I realized just how much my life depends on some very basic health grounding actions, and how by allowing them to spiral out-of-control I would be less likely to be successful at many bigger and seemingly more important things I want to do. Thus, I took these steps...for three weeks...the remainder of the BE BRAVE project. And we'll see what happens. This step is scary and oh-so-necessary right now.

~Picture by LoveHubbie Mark


Rick Hamrick said...

Dang, Olivia! Those three things could be...could know, they could be HUGE!!

For me, I try to tackle one thing at a time, and that's only because I have yet to determine how I could tackle half of one thing at a time. of those "gradual, teensily incremental improvement" people, I'm afraid.

Bless you, my friend, for leaping into the air on all three at once, for three weeks! I wish you great success and much enjoyment on this 21-day path!

Patti said...

Great stuff Olivia! They are indeed huge and will have a correspondingly huge impact on your health. Here's to waking up refreshed and clear headed! Don't forget to begin a 'going to bed' ritual (if you don't have one already) it will help get you in the sleep zone.

Kate said...


Wow those are HUGE changes...... I applaud your courage. I love the videos that you are doing. I think someday when I have some equipment I would like to do that too. It so much more powerful seeing you say what you are doing then just reading about it.

You inpire me.


Carmen said...

Aren't those ladies wonderful?
I admire them deeply.
Specially my dear LL.
And I bow my head to you for being so brave, too.

Olivia said...

Thank you, Rick. Believe it or not, 3 things is incremental for me. I'm more like a "total overhaul" person with a 42-point plan for success. Then I try to do them all and succeed for a day or two, then feel the failure and give up.

Watching my video cracked me up at the number of times I said "Huge!" :)

Thank you for your support and wishes for success, Rick. I do appreciate it!

Blessings and love, Olivia

Olivia said...

Patti, Yes, I want to wake up "refreshed and clear headed"; I usually just crawl out of bed. I also stay up way too late. I went to bed "early" last night at 2am, and slept for...YEP, 8 am a little behind today in work. But it feels good to make the changes, and I'll soon start to feel better, I'm sure.

I usually just stay up late working till I drop, so the bedtime ritual is something I have missed. I will definitely do that.

Thanks Patti, for your support. I know that you live a clean and healthy life and you are an inspiration for me, too :)

Much love, O

Olivia said...

Thank you, Kate. It helps propel me on to think that I could inspire anyone and helps me to be more real, too. So your sharing this really helps me a lot, too.

I'm glad you like the videos. It seems more powerful to me, too. It is still hard to see myself on camera, but even that is a whole process of learning to accept who I am and be more authentic.

Thank you for this beautiful acknowledgment,

Love and blessings to you, Kate,


Olivia said...

Yes, Carmen! I think it's so great the way we all learn from each other and inspire each other. This is a terrific community, and I find myself able to do things with this support that I never could do without it.

I feel so blessed!

Love and peace to you and upon your day, Carmen,

The Dream said...

WooHoo! Welcome to the sober club, Olivia! I LOVED your video - truly! You have an amazing voice -and a GREAT sense of humor. All the best with the three things ... especially the no sugar/carbs. It is said that sugar is the toughest addiction - moreso then heroin and ciggs. You are SUPER brave! Sweet Dreams!

Olivia said...

Thanks, Eileen. Thanks for the kind words about my video :)

And the support and good wishes. I'll take ALL of that encouragement today!



Journey Through Life said...

Oh Olivia, you are such a darling. You had me in hysterical laughter. Firstly, over the hair day and then about the HUGE... what was that?... HUGE?? ah yes, the huge lifestyle changes. You are so funny. It has been wonderful seeing you on video! Absolutely wonderful.

You have my absolute support.

Lots and lots of love and laughter,
PS. It's the first time I've laughed in days. Thank you!

Olivia said...

I'm so glad to bring a smile to your face and some laughter into your life!! Thank you SO MUCH for your support,

Much Love, O

Jessie said...

holy crap, sister!!! you really REALLY amaze me! have i told you that yet? can i tell you that like a million times? would that be ok? because you are seriously amazing!

wow. :)

i love your videos. seriously, seriously LOVE them!

Olivia said...

Jessie, Yes, but I can't hear it enough :) Seriously, it's bigtime encouragement to me, which I need, so THANK YOU JESSIE!

I'm SO glad you love the video's too.

Love and blessings and gratitude to you, Jessie,


laundrygirl said...

I found you via Jessie. I think your videos are great and VERY VERY BRAVE. I struggle to post a pic of myself on my blog! You have left me inspired... :)

Olivia said...

Thanks so much, laundrygirl!