Monday, January 5, 2009

Love Rock Number Five: Shine Your Light

See the Love Rock story here.

I decided to leave this Love Rock near one of my favorite places, a condominium in complex in Lahaina on the island of Maui which overlooks Lahaina Harbor. This is what the view looks like:

and this:

and this is the condo itself:

You are always looking out at the ocean.

So I went out on the lanai, after having a quiet time during which I placed the rock on a ceramic finger labyrinth:

I set in on the banister of the lanai. Looking straight down you can also see the complex's pool, which has two humpback whales painted on the bottom of it. (I wanted you to know that these were not just real whales swimming by---they look so realistic!)

I decided I wanted this rock to reside in the Pacific Ocean, maybe to wash up someday for someone to find.

So I enlisted LoveHubbie's help, and he threw it as far out as he could.

So in this way I felt as though something of me was left in one of my favorite places on earth.

The light is the show there, and when we stay we generally don't do anything else but stay on the lanai and watch the nightly entertainment (sunset) and the morning light and the changes---the sparkling water at different times of day, the honu (turtles) that pop their heads up, the whales further out.

I generally schedule this at the end of our vacation (like this time) so that we can prepare for re-entry. LoveHubbie has usually relaxed enough that he can enjoy more contemplative activities. I always feel as though I shine in Maui. I feel most like myself there. It was the perfect Love Rock for this time!

~Photos by LoveHubbie Mark and Me


Kim Mailhot said...

Beautiful shining, Miss Olivia ! Hearing your story makes my heart happy happy !

Thank you !

yertle said...

Wow, how beautiful. I love your rock stories. They are so inspiring. And this makes me want to take a vacation to that condo -- it looks so beautiful and relaxing.

patti said...

Beautiful Hawaii! I felt like I had been on holiday myself after reading your words and seeing that peaceful view. A perfect place for your rock. I think of you now as the Rock Fairy :) spreading inspiration everywhere!

Rick Hamrick said...

Perfect spot, perfect message.

Olivia said...

Thank YOU, Kim, really, really---you made it all possible! Love, O

Olivia said...

Thanks, yertle...yes, the condo is so special. We always can't wait to return. Aloha nui loa, O

Olivia said...

Ha, ha, Patti, I'm so glad. Love, The Rock Fairy :)

Olivia said...

Rick, succinct and to-the-point! I hope you were inspired, sir, to your own shining! Shine on, O

CrystalChick said...

OH Olivia it looks like you had as nice a time in your Hawaii paradise as we had in our Mexican one.
I love the Love Rock! Maybe I'll go back and read more about them and set out a few of my own. What a perfect way to spread joy.
Thanks for visiting and reading about my Cancun memories.
Happy New Year! Mary :)

thailandchani said...

I really love the idea of someone finding that rock one day. It will be someone's treasure. :)

Beautiful pictures, too. Hawaii is just stunning!


Olivia said...


We did indeed have a wonderful time...but your vacation is first-class luxury and pampering all the way---whoo hoo! I love your stories, including the concluding episode today. The pictures all did indeed look touched up (but I know they weren't). Happy 25th Anniversary, O

Olivia said...


Me, too! I wonder what they will think. The whole Love Rock thing has been so much fun. There are still 5 rocks I still need to write about, too.

Yes, Chani. I love it and miss it. It's so beautiful and sunny and oozes aloha :)

Peace and love,