Monday, January 19, 2009

Muddling Through Monday

It's been a lee-tle quiet here at the happyluau lately. So today, despite my generally sucky mood, I thought I'd make a video for you. It's just under 7 minutes long:


Anonymous said...


thailandchani said...

Losing the attachment to material things is a very, very good thing! I don't know if this would work for you.. but one of the things I did was to set up two large tote bags and fill them very mindfully. I filled them with the things that mean the most to me and realized that everything else could go. The premise I used (and this is actually useful :) is that those are the bags I'd grab if the house was on fire.

It did lead me to think carefully about what items I kept.


laundrygirl said...

Thinking of you! Thanks for making the video and sharing even in the moments of depression and difficulty. I always look forward to hearing about your life.

Leah said...

I love the video, Olivia! And I applaud you for doing so much to put yourself out there when you're not feeling great.

I especially loved your artwork and I"m so glad you'll be sharing it on cards!!

Jane said...


I marvel at your Youtube videos. I'd love to be able to do that but I never seem to for one reason or another. I am inspired by all the progress you're making in the new year.

I've been drinking raw green smoothies and can really feel the difference. I've been cutting back in spending areas. I've also played around on Facebook but admit that it doesn't hold my attention too much.

I hope your proceedure goes well :))

CrystalChick said...

I'm really sorry that you hurt your knees.
{{{sending healing energy}}}
I have had a couple colonoscopies (ick, bleh) so I understand what you've gone thru with the prep.

For less than 3 weeks into a new year you certainly have done some good things already. Yay for you, O!

I am on Facebook too and would love to be your friend there. I don't have the link posted on my blog page yet and I don't link my blog at Facebook either. So email me with your name/link if you want.

patti said...

You have achieved so much already O. Good luck with the colonoscopy prep. Just take a deep breath and drink it down!

So sorry to hear about your knees, no wonder you are feeling low.

There's a great Yoga posture (Viparita Kirani)where you lie down at right angles, up close to a wall, your backside on a bolster or couple of cushions. You swing your legs up the wall, arms laid out at your sides(it's not as hard as it sounds) and stay there for as long as you like. It takes pressure off your legs and helps fluid drain away from joints. Very relaxing!

I'm already a friend of yours on Facebook, but I must confess I'm not a good facebooker, blogging gets all my attention.

Your mood will pass and in the meantime, be proud of yourself, you are doing some great things. Your 3D art is wonderful. I love seeing what other artists are up to.

Take Care.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo, Oliva, you so rock. You inspire me SO MUCH. You sure are jumping a lot already in 2009. So much reaching out and expanding your world.

Ok, I will have to make myself a note to read up on Facebook privacy. Not now, it's past my bedtime. :) K

Olivia said...

Thanks, Mystic Sight, and welcome to the happyluau! Blessings, Olivia

Olivia said...


Two large tote bags are beautiful, simply beautiful. I would need to do three very large suitcases, and then a U-haul for books...but I love the idea of distilling things down to what is actually essential. It is always so much less than we think.



Olivia said...


Thanks, you Highly Creative Woman who is growing and going by leaps and bounds!

Continued creativity,


Olivia said...

Thanks, Leah. I feel as though creativity is my source and I must keep with it no matter what. Which is one reason why I value your "Creative Every Day" project.

aloha nui loa,


Olivia said...


Thanks for the encouraging words. I would love to see a video...your photos tell so much, but it is hard to imagine your voice, etc.

I love raw foods (I have been totally raw for various periods in my life). Currently, I use the Synergy product, but there are many excellent green drinks for those people who need to save time...Good for you for following such a healthy diet, running, and cooking so imaginatively when you do cook...

All while preparing to marry...

Continued superwoman-esque abilities,


Olivia said...

Thank you, Mary, boy, what an experience that colonoscopy was, too. I plan to write about it, hopefully tonight. But definitely, thanks!

And for your encouragement, thank you,

Peace and love, O

Olivia said...


It's amazing how much lack of mobility and chronic pain can wear me down emotionally; I feel kind of wimpy for it, considering the types of problems others have, but it really does affect me.

I will do the yoga pose you recommend (I am familiar with it but haven't done yoga in months, focusing instead on gyrotonics) tonight.

Thank you for you encouragement, especially for considering me another "artist" :)



Olivia said...


Thank you, sweetie, many times. Yes, do read about privacy. So many unscrupulous people, so many people easy to pirate identities from!

Sleep well, and with much peace,