Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sacred Life Sunday: Jump! Into the New Year!

I chose the word "Jump!" as my word for 2009. It reminds me of when I was ten years old, standing on the high dive at Richardson Pool in Schofield Barracks in Hawaii. I had so much resistance and inner struggle to just noticing the fear, not letting it stop me, and then jumping off. I remember the other kids in my class and my swim coach yelling, "Jump!", "Jump!" and I wanted to, so much. The desire was intense, but so was the fear. Finally I did what I wanted to and jumped off. Ther terror didn't end until everything was over. It was there during the fall. It was there when I hit the water. It was there until I came up for air, knowing everything was over.

"Jump!" seems very different from "leap" to me. "Leap" sounds like you're at a certain point, and you throw yourself up and forward through the air. "Jump" is, for me, more passive. It involves simply noticing my fear, making that fear irrelevant to my actions, and then stepping off anyway, surrendering to what I can't control. Not only the stepping off', but the surrendering, too, involves deep fear, but they do not stop me.

This year, I want to "Jump!" and do things that I truly want to do---but that involve risk and the unknown and that scare me.

"Jump!" means implementing a "Be Brave" strategy all year long, long enough for "Be Brave" to become a lifestyle, not just a special project.

"Jump!" means allowing myself to succeed despite my enormous resistance to success.

"Jump!" means letting go of old security blankets, including old, outdated ways of thinking and believing.

"Jump!" means not knowing and moving forward in the direction I know to go, trusting that I am in God's hand. Trusting that the Universe is good and safe.

"Jump!" means taking the focus off of LoveHubbie and putting it on myself.

"Jump!" means learning, doing, and being, not merely watching and cheerleading.

"Jump!" means creating the lifestyle I want, freeing up my time, freeing up my space.

"Jump!" means allowing myself to have the things I never thought I could have and be the person I never thought I could be.

~Photos by LoveHubbie Mark


Rick Hamrick said...

Olivia, this is a powerful statement of intent. For me, the very last affirmation, as well as the earlier one about your success, is particularly insightful, as you are "allowing"--how much better off we all could be if we would get out of our own way and allow.

On into 2009, a year of tremendous possibility!

yertle said...

I love this. I wish you many incredibly exhilarating JUMPS this year.

Angela said...

O! This is wonderful! Your intent carries real force with it. And it's contagious! Thank you!

Kate I said...

Let's jump for joy this year Olivia! I love your statements of intent and affirmation...they're like a personal mission statement!

Olivia said...


Yes, I wrote it out even though I'd already made a video about it. It seemed much more powerful and tangible written down. I want to remember too that it is supposed to be easy as per the allowing...

For all who don't know, Rick's wife Julia wrote the book "Recreating Eden" about Easy World and has a new book coming out.

Please see:

Thanks, Rick, for the acknowledgement.

xxoo, O

Olivia said...

Thank you yertle, Angela, and Kate I, as well. I so appreciate your encouragement and support. Much love, O

Rick Hamrick said...

O--you are wise! Written affirmations can be scribed on sticky notes and stuck wherever they may catch your wandering attention. That's much tougher with a video!

Julia swears by the affirmations on sticky notes which are applied to a surface directly in front of you as you are on the porcelain throne.

I'm not kidding. She really does remind herself of her higher intentions by making them visible in just this place in the bathroom!

Of course, there are other even more-useful spots to post your reminders such as the corner of the vanity mirror, or on the refrigerator art gallery, or even on the rearview mirror in the car.

Whatever it takes, it's worth it!

Olivia said...

ROTFL! I agree, Rick :) I especially like your porcelain throne idea. What better do you have to do, and think how much time we spend there! And in our cars, yes! Great always, xxoo, O

Claire said...

a very powerful post, olivia, thank you!
and thanks for your comment - but what are kim's love rocks? i'm intrigued...

Olivia said...

You're welcome, Claire. I write about the Love Rocks here:

in those posts. They are special rocks that Kim Mailhot, the Queen of Arts, makes (but you could make, too) and that you can give to other people or leave for anyone to find. I am writing about my experience with the Love Rocks she sent me---I won her contest---in these blog posts.

Thanks for asking!

xxoo, O

Beverly Keaton Smith said...

I'm jumping for joy that you stopped by my blog Olivia! Thanks for sharing your word with me and everyone else. YOU are so inspiring!!

Olivia said...

Well, Bev, you jumped to the conclusion that I don't read each and every thing you post---and I do :) I'm just a lurker...I appreciate your blog and your posts as well---they also are blooming inspirational! xxoo, O