Thursday, January 8, 2009

Three Great Things

I have so much to share with you, and today I want to share three really, really great things. I want to encourage you to make time to read/watch all three of them, because they are worth it and will inspire you to live your life better.

The first is a fantastic blog post called "Weighing In On Oprah" by Brene Brown, the author of the wonderful book "I Thought It Was Just Me: Women Reclaiming Power and Courage in a Culture of Shame", as well as the blog "Ordinary Courage". In her post, she writes about Oprah's recent revelations in O Magazine, as well as shame for women around body issues in general, and her reflections on her own recovery and 12 Step programs. I think there is something in this post that will touch you.

The second is a wonderful blog post by Lori-Lyn about perspective, something we can all use.

Last is a video by author Kelly Corrigan called "Transcending Words on Women and Strength". The video has had almost 2 1/2 million views and is 5:07 in length (get some tissues) :


thailandchani said...

Thanks for the referrals.

My site has come to a logical stopping point.. but I'll still be reading around. :)


Olivia said...

I'm glad you're not disappearing, Chani. I look forward to your returning. You have so much to offer! I hope you enjoy your time away...I will talk with you soon, buddy! :) xxoo, O

patti said...

Thanks for the links Olivia, all three were very inspiring.

Olivia said...

I'm glad you liked them, Patti. There is so much great stuff here on the internet, and these three ladies inspired me so much, too.

I loved your coffee cup picture and hope we all do this. It's not as weighty, but it is certainly FUN! I enjoy seeing how the cup reflects the person who drinks from it daily.

Love, O

Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Olivia !
You gave me a huge gift today ! Brene Brown !!! Man, did I have bells going off left, right and center while reading on her blog. "Hi my name is Kim and I am a take-of-the-edgeaholic !!!!" I even called out to my hubby and said , " David, this is me ! This is what I have !". I also ordered her book. I think it will be a great tool for some important work I have to do.
Thank you for the gifts, everyday !
Love and blessings !

Angela said...

O, Thank you for posting these links. They are all great and the last one got me all teary-eyed this morning. Such inspirational women! Like you!

Olivia said...

Hey, Kim,

Oh, how that resonated with me as well! I read your post today, loved your collage, and thought myself of all of the things I use to take-the-edge off! I'm SO glad this touched you as well.

Ditto for the lovely gifts you give me, my friend.

Love to you,


Olivia said...


You know, I've watched it 3x and I cry each time. Thank you for the lovely compliment...makes my day better, xxoo, O