Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Week of Creative Ridiculousness

This post about creativity called "Ridiculous" is by Todd Henry. He asks us to join him in having a week of Creative Ridiculousness---what do you think? Does this inspire you? I know it does me. Kate I chose "playful" as her word; young children have no fear of being judged when they play. This week, I hope to engage in some creatively ridiculous play!

~Photo by LoveHubbie Mark, altered by me


Kate I said...

Olivia, I'm enjoying my playfulness as long as I don't try to make a "job" out of it! Isn't it odd how we can even make fun, become serious!!

I'm hoping that playful will simply become a state of mind for me and that I'll allow myself to approach all aspects of my life with playful intent.

I'm off to play with my grandson this afternoon and he loves it when Nana get's really silly and I easily let myself do it with him!

Anonymous said...

This is great! I think I need more ridiculousness in my help me stop taking things too seriously. To help me LIGHTEN UP! :) Thank you for this.

Olivia said...

Kate I,

Boy, aren't children great teachers of playfulness. I, too, tend to be too serious and make playfulness work! However, this year, I too want to explore playfulness like a child :) xxoo, O

Olivia said...


Yes, yes. Many of us are SO like this. It is very freeing. I want to do it MORE! :)

xxoo, O