Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happyluau's Big Giveaway Winner

Well, it's here, the day of the Big Giveaway: Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much! If you didn't sign up, it's too late, because I'm choosing a winner right now. However, I plan on having other giveaway's throughout the's part of my plan to JUMP! into 2009.

Okay, so some of you asked about how I choose a winner. I use and since there were a dozen of you who entered, I'm numbering the comments from 1 to 12. Here is what happened:

The winner is Rhonda Martin, a newcomer to the happyluau! Congratulations, Rhonda!

I hope that everyone enjoyed this as much as I did; thank you all for participating!

~Invaluable technical assistance in rendering screen shot provided by R I C K


Anonymous said...

That's kind of cool that a newcomer won.

Kim Mailhot said...

I hope Rhonda enjoys her prizes ! Thanks Olivia for the great giveaway !

It is a calm snowy morning here in NH. I hope you have some of the same peaceful stuff this morning !
Happy Sunday !

Olivia said...

Kelly and Kim,

Yes, I hope so too, and I think it's cool too. The chances were not good, as Rhonda was the only non-regular reader of the happyluau who entered. She must be lucky :)

blessings to you both, and love,