Monday, March 26, 2007

Finding Water, So Real

Julia Cameron's writing in "Finding Water" is so real for me. She writes about how to be sane, how to stay sane---emotionally sober---and to stay away from fear. I find this enormously helpful. Of course, we can never stay away perfectly from fear, but she helps me to find more ways not to dwell in fear.

Working part-time from home, it helps me enormously to have structure, a "simple grid" to follow, since I'm alone so much and working independently. Morning pages, artists dates, goodly walks; they help. Every time I drift off and veg out---like just sitting around watching videos, or sleeping in---I find it's good for a break but not for a lifestyle, and truly appreciate having some structure.

~Pictures by Hubbie Mark


Kelly said...

Me too! Now I know why I signed up to do this on a whim, not understanding my rationale behind having asked to be included. Cameron had tools waiting for me at the exact time in my life when I needed to acquire them. Grace.

bee said...

OMG. do you know how much i needed to be reminded of that very passage, (about staying emotionally sober)right now?

olivia, thank you. your words are filled with wisdom and a transferable peace. i'm glad you're getting as much out of finding water as you are. (i am too!)

i agree with kelly, it *is* grace.

Olivia said...

Oh, yes, Bee and Kelly. Thank you both.

This is a rich and special time, and we are all learning so much!