Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More On Being Real & Emotional Sobriety

Reading Bee's post today and her comments on my previous post, I'm realizing how very, very little I truly know about emotional sobriety. It seems to me that some people are born on an even keel and then there are the rest of us...

It is so exciting to think about being able to be emotionally sober because to me it seems like being able to be:

passionate without being careless, impulsive, and destructive;

grateful rather than disappointed;

angry without being aggressive;

peaceful rather than agitated, worrying, or fearful;

sad without being dangerously depressed;

content rather than unsatisfied;

grounded rather than scattered;

focused rather than overwhelmed;

centered and aware rather than reactive and emotionally labile.

Of course, it is so much more than this. Do I have a grasp on this, at least conceptually? What are your thoughts?

~Photo by Hubbie Mark in honor of Leah's post on Jellyfish today


Leah said...

oo, i got this shiver when i first saw the picture of jellyfish on you post! i thought, she took pics of jellyfish too! lol...thanks for sharing your jelly picture from your hubby!

yes, yes, i want to be all those things. it's such a tricky balance for me. those simple guidlines that cameron has laid out do help. i need some sort of structure and support. so yes, i think you definitely have a grasp on this!

Olivia said...

Thanks,'s hard to know if you're not seeing this in your environment or among those you know. Or if you've never seen it before---it really is a new concept for me.

I felt the way you did when I saw YOUR jellyfishes from the aquarium, and so put MINE up too. They do make great pictures.

Jessie said...

i get a lot from the parts that cameron writes about emotional sobriety. if my emotions could be mapped out they would look like one helluva zig-zag. i like the way you broke it down and makes me ask myself what "emotional sobriety" means to me. maybe it's one of my life-long lessons, but i feel most emotionally sober when i am able to express myself fully and without inhibition. i also think that is a big part of the reason that grad school was such an emotionally UNsober time for me. when i hold my true self back, i totally go all kiddywhompas.

thanks for making me think about this. dang. i think i just gained a little bit of self-knowledge!

Olivia said...

You're welcome Jessie, thanks for visiting and for sharing your perspective on emotional sobriety. I never thought about that---about holding back and thus being inauthentic---but it makes sense. It's the same for me too. It is very grounding and stabilizing for me to just be true to my beliefs and values.

Gemma said...

Always be true to yourself....Love the photo's posted on your blog!

Olivia said...

Thanks, Gemma. You're right about being true to yourself. How many times do I sell out to so-called "authorities" when what they say conflicts with what I know? Too often.

Hubbie Mark takes incredible pictures, doesn't he? Glad you're enjoying them!

marie said...

I saw your jellyfish...and I was in awe because my daughter and I went to the Vancouver, B.C. aquarium and took pictures of the jellies too! As a matter of fact, Leah and I realized we took the pictures the same day...They're amazing to watch. My father-in-law lives in Yakima, so I'll have to give you a wave the next time we pass through.
Marie, Boise, Idaho

Marie said...'s my jelly post..


Olivia said...

You have some beautiful photos, there Marie!

There must have been a syncronicity of some type with jellyfish this week :)