Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wellness Wednesday: Staying Brave

Staying Brave seems to be my biggest challenge lately. I find myself doing hard things each day that I really can't believe I'm doing...I feel like I'm pushing through sludge to continue to BE BRAVE. Today I had so many challenges I felt completely overwhelmed by the day, and so to procrastinate and relax, I began to get caught up on posts from the last three days:

, who is continuing to breathe and having amazing successes (this is what I aspire to). Kelly is my Trailblazer!

Annie, who is struggling, but overall succeeding with goals that have eluded her before, and is always real.

Angela, who is facing an operation and is dealing with fear and worry. I can always count on Angela to be unflinchingly honest. She helps me to be honest with myself about my panic over much lesser things.

Jessie, who is anticipating big changes, and moving into them slowly, needing to be patient, but right on the verge of everything!

Each one of you helps me to ground and center and believe that somehow I can meet the challenges of my day. I struggle with believing in myself and with making things hard that are actually easy. I struggle with overwhelm every single day.

This week I:

Had my retinas checked (I do this every two years because of a past retinal detachment) and couldn't use the computer or read for two days. My eyes hurt and I had headaches. My eyes are fine overall, but I'm on the verge of developing a few different types of eye problems (my ophthalmologist says) so I need to up my antioxidants (I say). So I'm worrying about my eyes.

Visited my podiatrist and found out that I now need special orthotics that aren't covered by insurance. As I get over one type of foot pain, I develop another, and still have trouble with basic walking. So I'm worrying about my feet.

I need to buy a Fortune 500 suit for work (somewhere, in a plus size) and find dress shoes somewhere that accommodate orthotics and come in a size 9 E (wide as in duck feet). So I'm worrying about my clothes.

I've had my passport denied and need to come up with all kinds of documentation because of multiple name changes. This could be a week long project of letter writing but I don't have time for it. So I'm worrying about my passport.

Oh, and today I need to write up my contracts for my new job. I've never written a contract before. This is probably the easiest thing, though, of all of the above. But still, I'm worrying about my contracts.

Do you ever feel like life is just pouring in the challenges and before you can figure out one...poof!...there's another one for you to solve?

Instead of all this worrying, I need to breathe. Just breathe. And stay brave. And do one thing at a time. Not rush myself. Not push myself. Not destroy my health with overwork and striving. Just trust the Universe to give me the experiences I need at the time I need them and trust that I will get everything done in good time. That my body can, with rest and nurturing, hold up to the challenges I have before me.

Ok, I'm inspired by you all, and I'll do this today, this Wellness Wednesday.


laundrygirl said...

Yes my friend, just breathe. Remember that you are never given more than you can handle.
Peace to you today...

kikipotamus said...

I was just reading today in The Introvert Advantage why innies are easily overwhelmed and that the key is to break tasks down into micro-steps. This may sound hokey, but can you get a contract kit or a set of sample contracts to work from on the internet or at your local business supply store? I've seen them with the divorce kits, incorporation kits, etc.

I feel for you. You have a lot on your plate just now!

May I ask... why the sudden deadline? You ran into someone in a cafe who could share some extra work one day, and now suddenly you're under the gun with a looming deadline. Is there some commitment behind this you could alter? Can you tell someone "you know what? I work better when I can pace myself... I need to rethink the timeline."

Just wondering. I don't want you to make yourself sick with stress.

Rick Hamrick said...

Kelly is right, O--break things down, and cross the little steps off, one at a time.

And, as you say, breathe and let go. Every ounce of energy you devote to worrying is an ounce you could have used to finish whichever of the tasks is murmuring to you, in an inspirational way!

You talked about a long list of worries, but which of those tasks do you feel any energy toward completing? I'll bet your Self knows which of those you can accomplish in your present environment of seeming overwhelm, and gain back a step toward flowing through, being brave, and moving from where you are now to one step from that point...and then another one, and another.

We're behind you, and you haven't seen faith like we have in you!

Patti said...

Ditto Kelly and Rick. All of the things you mentioned will work out whether you worry about them or not. Small steps and maybe a revised timeline sound really manageable to me. Use the power of now and deal with one thing at a time, putting all the other things aside until you are ready for them. Love n' peace x

Kate said...

ditto what everyone else said. Breathe and take small steps. Instead of worrying about finding shoes and clothes just visualize yourself finding them easily. In fact visualize everything you need to do as coming easily and effortlessly and relax.


Olivia said...

Boy do I ever treasure all of your comments, encouragement, and FANTASTIC advice!

I do need to step back and not get caught up in the details here. And breathe, indeed. Visualize. Realize I will work it all out in time.

I'm a chicken-with-her-head-cut-off wanting to r-e-l-a-x and breathe through this. So it is!

Love and blessings to Kristine, Kelly, Rick, Patti, and Kate---you superb here-for-me friends! xxoo, O

Angela said...


That's a lot going on all at once. This may sound a little crazy but here's what helps me sometimes. I think about what would happen if I died. None of the imperative things would get done, and you know what? The world would go on just fine. For some reason that helps me relax and get things in perspective. Not sure it would work for everyone! Keep on keeping on - you're actually doing great you just don't know it. That's what we're here for - to remind ya. :)

Kate said...


I have just given you the Make my day award.


Olivia said...

Angela, I like that. It does put things into perspective doesn't it? Or if I had to have a surgery and put everything on hold? I am going to give myself permission to relax. I can use some of that tonight! Thanks so much, O

The Dream said...

Hi Olivia-
Time and time again it has been proven that most of the time when I am worrying about something, it ends up either not hapening or not being that big of a deal. I have friends who remind me: "Why worry? Pray OR Why pray? Worry." Does anyone on the planet never ever worry about anything at all? That's what I want to know!
Anyway, be good to yourself - being overwhelmed is not good for anyone. Hot bath maybe??? How about listening to Bob Marley's "Don't Worry ... 'bout a Thing"? Both of these things help me (as well as prayer).

Olivia said...

Hi, Eileen,

I'm glad to have friends to remind me, that's for sure :) Blessings to you and for your day, O