Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday: The Effort of Presence

"To be present is far from trivial. It may be the hardest work in the world. And forget about the "may be". It is the hardest work in the world--at least to sustain presence. And the most important. When you do fall into presence, you know it instantly, feel at home instantly. And being home, you can let loose, let go, rest in your being, rest in awareness, in presence itself, in your won good company. "---Jon Kabat-Zinn from "Coming to Our Senses"

"...Scary but revolutionary...effortless, but only if truly applied long enough for the shift to happen."---Kikipotamus the Hobo in a happyluau comment


Jessie said...

Wow, Olivia! :) It sounds like many exciting things are happening for you these days. Congratulations! I'm wishing you lots of happiness, peace, and balance as you set out on this new adventure.

lots of love to you!

Olivia said...

Thank you, Jessie! I will need to utilize and keep in mind all three---happiness, peace, and balance---as I craft my new job.

You are in my thoughts, O xxoo

bella said...

What a wonderful quote.
It is the truest peace there is, this resting in presence, coming home to ourselves.

jason evans said...

The notion of presence fits the photo perfectly.

Olivia said...

Thank you, bella. That's what it feels like, doesn't it. A truly beautiful feeling, and the truest peace. Blessings and love, O

Olivia said...

Thank you, Jason. I agree. It is a picture of the 'Iao Needle in Maui. It is really something to see in person. Somewhere beyond the Needle is where the ancient chiefs are buried where no one can ever disturb them. The feeling I get when I look at it is peace, safety, and solitude.

Thank you for commenting Jason, and welcome to the happyluau! Blessings, Olivia