Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Night Fun

No, this isn't about some wild party that LoveHubbie and I went to. It's about what we did this Friday night for fun here at the little house on the ridge in the woods of South Puget Sound.

LoveHubbie came home and made bacon and eggs for dinner. Our surviving hens Trixie and Tallujah made the eggs; Isadora died two weeks ago, I'm sad to say. I can't walk again because of foot problems so he treated me to dinner!

I discovered---via Gayle King on XM Radio---igoogle. Wow! In 30 seconds you can create a home page with tabs organizing your news, gadgets, and widgets. It's very intuitive. Really, really. I picked News, Technology, Books, Medicine, Spirituality, Hawaii, and NPR as my starting tabs. Then I put different gadgets and widgets on them in addition to what was provided. I picked a beach theme. Right in the center I have a little customizable To Do List that says "Breathe" on it. On my home page, I have the weather, the phases of the moon, NPR programs I like that I can listen to whenever, and so much more. Check it's free and you won't be sorry.

Then tonight we watched part of a 60 Minutes show about the mortgage crisis and the Oprah show about Clutter and being fat. I wanted LoveHubbie to understand why the house was looking so different.

Oh, for those of you who like screaming deals, check this out: it's Sierra Trading Post's new Barn Burners feature. It's a huge savings on some item that keeps getting lower in price until it gets sold out. Keep refreshing the screen as the deal changes continually (it seems like every half hour).

Just trivia and fun tonight, nothing serious. I'm going to go to bed early, after treating myself to a fiction book that I have yet to pick out.


storyteller said...

I’m sorry you’re having foot problems again and that Isadora died, but happy “LoveHubbie” made you dinner and that you’re finding things that bring you joy. I discovered “igoogle” when I first started to blog and set up my page with all sorts of lovely widgets with a variety of information. It’s very cool! I watched that Oprah show on the “clutter/fat” connection and am giving it some thought as I continue to simplify my environment (slowly but surely) and return to Weight Watchers. It’s interesting how information arrives when needed.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Olivia, you sound good! Thank you for the iGoogle link. I set mine up and love it.

Olivia said...

Yes, Virginia, it does come to us when we need it doesn't it? That is something we can trust! Peace and love, O

Olivia said...

Yes, Kelly, I'm relaxing a bit more and stressing less. I'm glad you liked igoogle too :) xxoo, O