Monday, December 17, 2007

Transformational Weight Loss Update #1

This is my first update about my Transformational Weight Loss Adventure. It is a vlog of 2:52.

UPDATE: I realized I didn't really share why the chicken soup and chocolate bar are such milestones for me. The chicken soup is a milestone because I'm making exactly what I want, filling the house all day with the glorious and comforting smell of food. I'm allowing myself to have extreme pleasure with food without guilt or food obsession. It's actually possible for me!

The chocolate bar is a milestone because it survived the night in my house. Sugar hasn't done that before, if I'd even have it in my house for fear of eating it all right then, and more besides, because of the guilt. I previously defined myself as a chocolate addict. And LoveHubbie bought me that was EXPENSIVE...and hardly sweet at all, which is what I like...deep dark chocolate that I will enjoy without guilt when my body is ready (I'm putting it in the refrigerator to keep it expires in 02/09). Before TWL, I considered myself too fat to indulge myself with chocolate!

TWL (Transformational Weight Loss) Resources:
TWL is described on my blog
here and here.
The book by Charles Eisenstein is available online for a donation
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Patti said...

You seem to be going well on this. It's all about portion size - isn't it? And listening to your body. I did this tonight - I took a decent sized portion on my plate, then gave half of it back. I simply didn't want (or need) it all. Chicken soup - yum!

Olivia said...

Thanks, Patti, I am. It's truly life-transforming! It is definitely about listening to your body (what those of us who are obese do not know how to do). Congratulations on doing that tonight!

It is about the opposite of portion size, though. For most of us who have struggled with our weight in various ways, we've tightly controlled portion size, always keeping it (at least in my case) "as small as possible" which is x calories or y carbohydrates or x ounces or "a portion as big as your fist"---something. TWL is about letting go totally, and eating what your body wants no matter no much or how little it is. This is terrifying for most people. When you discover, though, that your body balances out wanting a "good" size that is right for you, it is a profound relief.

I think I'm going to write something about this in the body of my blog today.

Thank you for your tremendous and consistent support Patti,

Love, love, love,

Kikipotamus said...

Wow, Olivia, you are undergoing transformation on so many levels...feeling and thinking and perceiving and interpreting. I know what you mean about not looking at the scale. I haven't owned a scale in 6 years, don't want to know what this week's stage in the TWL process is doing to that number. I have to trust that I am somehow making my way to a place of trusting my body. But the path their seems frighteningly zig-zaggy.

Leah said...

you're doing so great, olivia!!

i really struggled with food issues for a long time and what really helped me was just tuning in to what my body wanted and needed. i followed books by geneen roth, which seem to be a similar philosophy to twl. it took me awhile to get the info to sink in, but once it did, it made a huge difference in my life and since then i've stayed around the same healthy weight. i wish you much luck on your journey. you're doing wonderfully!

Olivia said...


It is SO frighteningly zig-zaggy yes yes yes! I'm hoping that this is the stumbling with baby steps at the beginning...that's what I'm hoping. It doesn't matter, though, because it certainly is easier not being alone on this journey, that's for sure. And discovering what it's like too. This could go on for days, weeks, or months...or pop in from time to time always.

I feel like a pioneer!

Glad you're on the trail with me,



Olivia said...

Thank you so much, Leah! I like Geneen Roth, too. I think the reason this resonated so much with me is because of Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now" that I just read and am practicing at the same time. I was ready. And I could see HOW to do it.

It is good to hear that you practiced a healthy intuitive way of eating and have balanced at a healthy weight for a while...that's what I want to say, too :)

Good to see you back visiting the happyluau---

Joy and peace,


Journey Through Life said...

What wonderful success, Olivia.
I am also not getting on the scales, but I can't seem to stop every morning, putting on my black pants that I am waiting to get into. It's really ridiculous - one day isn't going to get me back into them!

Olivia said...

You're right, Annie. It's such a process. But each day adds up and builds and builds.

I, too, am impatient to fit into my clothes again and have to fight to let this process take as long as it takes!

I am so pleased and comforted to have you with me, and sharing about the hard, hard transformation that is taking place on this Fantastic Voyage!

Much love,


laundrygirl said...

This really spoke to me. You see, unknowingly, I have been doing something similar to transformational weight loss this past year. I got to a point where I simply wanted to FEEL better. As I changed and eliminated things from my lifestyle of eating I realized the difference it made in how I felt and at the same time I dropped some pounds. I too, struggle with sugar and had the same fear of losing control around sugar and yet I have realized that I can have it now and then and I am ok. I have also noticed that I rarely overdo it anymore because I don't like the feeling I have from too much sugar. I am now aware enough of my body that sweets don't have the same appeal as they once did.

Olivia said...

This is IT, Kristine! The trick is to not get caught up in the fear (as I did...but am now coming out) but to keep right on going and trusting your body. Good for you, good for you...and maybe, good for me, too :) xxoo,O