Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sacred Life Sunday: Sharing Books

Here are some great books I've recently read. Books are an important part of life for me, and sharing them with you contributes to making my Sunday sacred:


Patti said...

These books all look so interesting. I will take note of their names and seek them out. I have ordered "The Yoga of Eating" all the Amazon reviews were so positive. I "kind of" eat this way now, but feel I have so much more to learn and could definitely do with losing a dress size! Thanks for referring the book :)

Kate I said...

Olivia, I read the Power of Now several years ago when it first came out and would have to say that it was the book that took me from intellectualizing spirituality to living it. It's message is simple but for some reason, we try to avoid living in the moment or think we can't do it. When I was able to put it into practice, my life took a huge leap forward. Thanks for the reviews of the other books as well...they all look interesting.

Olivia said...


I think you'll love The Yoga of Eating. It is an expansion of Transformational Weight Loss. I am getting such amazing results in such a short time---in feeling free of food bondage mainly. I used to wear chubby sizes as a young girl, and have been thin since then but only because of strict dieting and control. If I ever let up even for a little while, I'd gain weight. This is truly the opposite...learning to trust your body...which is just there and ready to communicate to you just what it needs. And if I mess up and misinterpret the signal, I learn from that, too. It is a wonderful way of living that instinctively feels true and good, but one that I would not have been ready for had I not gone through many of my life experiences in the last year or so. Especially the BE BRAVE journey...

It takes a lot of courage and trust to step out and trust your body when you haven't done so in almost a half century.

I will be interested in knowing what you think...I can't wait...

Snuggly sacred Sunday blessings, O

Olivia said...


It is wonderful that you were able to put The Power of Now into practice. I can only imagine how your life changed and how enhanced you found your spirituality because of it.

When it came out I was still a fundamentalist Christian, and as much as I wanted to hear the message, I could not. I knew that Jesus had left us "His peace" as his parting gift but was stymied as how to find or achieve it.

You're right, it is so simple, so accessible to all of the same time, so counter-cultural for most of us. It feels that way to me. But it gives my life a meaning and an excitement that I never felt before.

Let me know if you read the others, what you think, ok?

Thank you for your's always good to hear from you,

Snuggly sacred Sunday blessings, O