Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More About Transformational Weight Loss

Please watch my video below first (the previous entry about Transformational Weight Loss)...then view this video...thank you!

I am hoping that many of you will accept my invitation!

This YouTube video is 2:29 long:


Kate I said...

Olivia, I've given you the "Be the Blog" award...come over to my blog to read about it!

Journey Through Life said...

I now have the book in a word document and will gradually go through it this weekend. I hope I will be as enthusiastic as you!

Olivia said...

Me, too, Annie. I think it will dovetail very nicely with what you're doing with your spiritual practice! Much love, O

Olivia said...

Thank you again, Kate! I missed your comment here...what an honor to be selected...I'm really focusing on "being" in general...Being the Blog is great! Much love, O