Friday, November 9, 2007

Complaint Free World Bracelet Instructions

I really jump-started my Complaint-Free project by including a makeshift bracelet. Find out how here. This video is 2:22. I've been wanting to make shorter videos and break them down so that they are accessible for everyone, but I've been a little cramped for time lately; I'll get back to it soon!

Please see my Complaint Free Day counter in the right column. I am using an icon from Patty Digh via Rick Hamguin and Rebecca's NO GWCC (gossip-whine-complain-criticize) Thank you!


Journey Through Life said...

Thanks for telling us about the bracelets, Olivia. It is a good idea.
Once again, I got all of this video! Yea! Just a working theory for those of us with slower connections... I wonder if it is better to have one longer video in one post, rather than several smaller ones. Just a theory, of course. I really have no idea!!!
Love ya,

Kate said...


I see you got blogger to work. Great idea about the bracelet.

For those with slow connections I suggest let the video load and do something else and then when you hit replay it all works. Oops that works for YouTube but I am not sure about blogger, Oh well


Olivia said...

This one took about three hours to load, but it was after many more hours of trying due to Blogger problems. I'm thinking they may have fixed internal problems they had.

I am so glad that Annie can see the videos, and love just doing one video rather than many short parts. It means that everything has to be done just one time, even though it takes a tad bit longer.

I am really glad things are working out!

Thanks to you both for the feedback, much love, O