Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Talks From My Chair #15: Friendship

This is my most important Thanksgiving post, featuring the first in the series of Talks From My Chair, on friendship. As you probably have noticed, they are not in order. I am numbering them according to my journal so that I can keep track :)

This video is 2:20. Happy Thanksgiving!


Patti said...

I feel the same way Olivia - and thank you too!

Olivia said...

YAY, isn't it wonderful, Patti? XXOO, O

Journey Through Life said...

Beautiful. And thank you to you too!!!!!
Much love,

Olivia said...

Thanks, Annie, my sweet friend! Much love back, O

laundrygirl said...

Such a great quote. I had to listen to it twice!
You are great! I am so glad I found your blog!

Olivia said...

Thanks so much, Kristine! Me, too...I'm glad you found my blog and left me this comment. I'm glad you liked the quote, too. Blessings and love, O