Thursday, May 26, 2011

Share the Joy Thursday: In Pictures

Writing a post about joy first thing on a Thursday morning sets the intention for joy for the whole rest of the day. It is a beautiful spiritual practice, and I'm grateful to Kim and Meri for thinking of it. 

Today I thought I'd share some pictures from this blog--blasts from the past--that exemplify joy. I really enjoyed going through old posts to share these with you...I discovered that this blog is FULL of joy :)

Bunny Lips from  Cute Overload, Feb 2007.

From this post in Feb 2007, photo taken by me, this is LoveHubbie Mark in Kula, Maui back in the days when he didn't work on vacation:

From this post in March 2007, of my parents-in-law: look at their eyes and you'll see how happily married they are! 

This is a picture from a post in March 2007 of brother's feet relaxing in a stream, taken by him and stolen from his flicker account. Do you have moments like this? I have fewer than I'd like:

This is a post of a laughing baby. What joy young children share with us! This was from a post in April 2007, with a picture of my brother taken by one of my parents:

This painting is on my wall in the nook where I work. Just looking at it brings me so much joy. I write about it in this post from April of 2007. Plus I noticed in the comments that this post was when I first met my good friend Rick, something which definitely brings me joy!

This sweet little dog in a post from April 2007 by Cute Overload:

This is from a post I did in May of 2007 called "The Clitoris", can you believe it? I would recommend you read (or re-read) this post for sure...the picture is by LoveHubbie Mark.

And as always, this Thursday I share the joy of:

Being alive still another day
Anticipating the day as being "good" :)
Being able to see
Feeling like we are all connected (because we are)

If you are reading wish you JOY!


Meri said...

Wow -- what a photo tour of joyfulness. I especially like the "I am enough" poster. We all need that reminder every once in a while. Now I'm off to read your post "The Clitoris." Hmmm............

Eryl said...

You wrote a post called The Clitoris? You rock!

patti said...

Loved reading through these old posts of yours O. An icebreaker indeed!!

Thinking of joy here as I start my day xx

Noelle Renee said...

I love all of these images. They speak of love, the sweetness of nature and animals, of human relationships and female beauty. Lovely post.

rebecca said...

i am so taken with your i am enough painting....
lovely, completely lovely!

foxysue said...

I received your JOYful post loud and clear, I especially like the artwork.

Sue x

rebecca said...

thank you for your morning visit and love note straight to my heart!

Olivia said...

Thank you everyone, so much! Your comments fill my heart with joy, again! xoO

CrystalChick said...

All of those photos... wonderful! Thanks for sharing your joy. :)

Hope you are having a nice weekend!

Jane said...

Fabulous post, Olivia! So much joy indeed!

Olivia said...

Thank you to you also Mary Catherine and Jane. It is good to see your comments too this weekend :) Brings me joy all over again! xoO