Thursday, May 19, 2011

Share the Joy Thursday: New Every Morning

A hundred small choices in the wrong direction can add up to a lifetime where our dreams are always one step in front of us. ~Debbie Ford 

Who wants to be continuing to repeat the same patterns over and over again so that our dreams are eluding us? Do you ever feel caught in a pattern? Today and lately I did and I have, but somehow I don't think that the pattern is real...or that the inevitability of my repeating it is true...I think it is just a story that I or someone else made up about it, and that I can just as easily choose to step outside of it and...choose differently...choose again.

For this, and for the newness of each day, I am grateful and full of joy. For new beginnings...right now...and right now...and right now. I want to encourage you today to step outside any pattern that seems to hold power over you; what if it is entirely your creation?

The photo for today IS joy, and how I feel:

~Photo by LoveHubbie Mark

As always, today I am grateful for being alive still another day
Anticipating the day as being "good" :)
Being able to see
Feeling like we are all connected (because we are)

If you are reading wish you JOY!

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Meri said...

Right back at you! And I've been digging into my "core beliefs" and stories, too -- looking at how I subconsciously put myself in situations that validate those beliefs, what the truth is about those old beliefs formed when I was young, and how to step more fully into my life. Good stuff!

CrystalChick said...

Yes, I feel caught in a couple of patterns. But I am also grateful for each day and believe that there are a few things I do have the choice to change.

Beautiful flowers!! I love the colors.

patti said...

I like to make it a game - jumping outside the pattern! You are so right O about choosing again and again.

Joy right back at you today and I am happy that you can see too! :)

Dawn Elliott said...

I love your reminder that our patterns can, and do change...
starting whenever we decide to get on it! Then, to scroll down to that gorgeous's my favorite color in the entire world!
Great post!

Kate I said...

We must be on the same wavelength Olivia...I've been doing some major "new choosing" over the past few months...and does it ever feel good! I have to credit all the "tapping" I've been doing as I believe thats what is helping me to understand that it's possible to make any shift I want in my life...such an amazing tool! I'm super excited about it.

Olivia said...

Thank you everyone for your comments.

Meri, this is internal work I think we all need to do in order to have a good full life.

Mary, the colors are so dramatic here, are they not? We live with rain most of the time and then for a few months here we have--GLORY!

Patti, making it a game makes it (Sunday) is a great day to try that, I'm thinking. So I will :) Yes, I am grateful EVERY SINGLE DAY for my sight. So thankful!

Dawn, yes, such a good reminder (I'm reminding myself--again--as I write this comment!), thanks!

Kate, I am inspired by your tapping. Truly. I know that if I reinvigorate my practice I can have the same thing. My resistance is so strong, but obviously, I can tap on that too. I am very inspired by your example, and thank you.

Peace and love to each one of you today, xoO

kikipotamus said...

I most definitely believe that repeating patterns is NOT inevitable. I have been interested lately in new research into how we can re-route those synaptic pathways in our brains. It can be done!

Olivia said...

Thank you Kelly, for the encouragement. I too think it can be done, but it usually is not. One reason is that it's not recognized and people just muddle on. Another reason is self-sabotage and inertia--holding ourselves back because of a desire for perceived safety and familiarity. Physiologically it absolutely can be done but in practice, much of the time I think it will not happen. xoO

laundrygirl said...

I've been mulling over this post since you first posted it. It's great and really has me thinking about the changes I want and what I need to let go of in order to move forward.

Olivia said...

I would love to hear about your dreams, Kristine. I am glad you commented to let me know that this piqued your process in dreaming too. Peace and love to you, xoO

kikipotamus said...

The good news is that you only have to worry about whether YOU can or will break old patterns. You don't have to take responsibility for anyone else in the whole world, or even worry if they ever will or won't wake up. So even if 99 percent of people never change, it doesn't matter. You are the only one that matters.

Olivia said...

This is true, Kelly. I just want to encourage everyone else, and to provoke a discussion. I think that sometimes people come here to find inspiration or encouragement. More likely, they just come to visit with me, but if I can give them some kind of positive gift for their trouble I like to. I want them to go away feeling glad they came, to contribute to their day. Thank you for reading and commenting...your stories on your blog posts always contribute to my day and I always learn something! xoO