Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sacred Life Sunday: Dreaming Big

kate had a provocative post on her blog, and it got me thinking. Her dream was my dream as well, but it was bigger than I'd ever thought or dreamed. For example, I might imagine a house in Hawaii (believe me, I have) but not a house in Hawaii AND France! I couldn't even imagine that! But why not? It's a dream, after all. I realized that my dreams are way, way too small.

So after reading her post and thinking about it, I decided to adopt her dream and then add some things in. Yes, make it even bigger! I did it in my journal for privacy, but I wanted to share a few things here with you.

So, first go and read about kate's dream--it's really cool. Then come back here :) Think about what you'd dream as you do this.

So, I'd take everything in kate's dream and then I'd add:

1) I'd also have a house right here in Olympia. I love it here. I would custom-build it to have a large living area and studio and a large kitchen area (all combined in one room with a very high ceiling--two stories), a very small bedroom, and a huge bath. So three rooms. Unconventional.

2) I'd have a full-time personal assistant to handle all the mundane tasks of my life. Actually, it would probably take two full-time personal assistants to do this.

3) I would work as a motivational speaker and travel all over the world. I'd use various healing modalities like fasterEFT and life coaching skills to help people in pain. 

Years ago I worked as a life coach; my blog then was called "Tapping Luau", because the main technique I used at the time was a form of energy work called EFT, also known as "tapping". It involves tapping on the body's energy meridians while affirming various things out loud.  I have been learning fasterEFT for about a's a modified, shortened form of EFT, combined with NLP and hypnosis. But I've been doing this just for me and to use myself, not for others.

It surprised me that I'd actually WANT to WORK in my dream. And that I'd want to do something so visible and public. But it's a dream, right? It still was surprising. I am going to ponder the implications of this.

So how about you? What is your dream? If there is anything you'd like to share, do it here, on your blog, or in your journal. It is so fun and freeing...and you may surprise yourself!

~Photo by LoveHubbie Mark of our garden yesterday

Update: I also want to link to Kelly's Dream, for a beautiful perspective! 


norilynsabdulla said...

Wow, Good for you..
There ain't bad in Dreaming BIG.. really..


patti said...

Love your big dream - anything is possible, we just need to put it into action! And your dream is attainable O!

Start with three, then with the funds from your speaking, do two, then one!


Anonymous said...

Olivia I've alway had the same issue as you...I've dreamt small my whole life and I've been doing a lot of work/play in that area recently. I've realized I dreamt small because I felt very small and undeserving (who was I to have big dreams?)and I was also afraid of disappointment. I've had a lot of aha! moments around this topic so when the opportunity presented itself to play with it on my blog, I jumped wildly into it. I'm so glad you had fun dreaming big too!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that I've been doing a lot of EFT too and I love how well this modality's easy to do and very empowering as it doesn't need a practitioner once you know how to do it. I've incorporated some of the Faster EFT techniques into it as well, on your recommendation...I'm just a tapping machine these days and I'm noticing AMAZING differences!

And...I think you'd be a fabulous motivational speaker...with your personal experience you would be so very inspiring to people in pain. This is a VERY GOOD big dream!

Meri said...

Good, rich, juicy dreams! Bravo. . .

sarah said...

I need to start dreaming bigger....take the lid above my fears. Beautiful inspiring post.

CrystalChick said...

OH what wonderful dreams! I only breezed thru the pictures at Kate's but some of them might make it into my dream as well.
EFT, gosh, why haven't I been using that more often?! I do it for awhile, then don't do it.

Well, I'll have to think a bit about my dream and look for a few photos too! This is going to make a great blog post.... hopefully soon!!

Thanks for sharing this, Olivia.

Kim Mailhot said...

I love this post. I love your dreams and how many wonderful ways you would choose to be connected to the world in sweet healing ways.
I have done this exercise often - to keep those dreams growing. Another funthing is taking the time to realize how many parts of your life are already on the path towards your dreams and maybe identify a few things that could be let go of in favor of getting closer to your dream.
Inspiring work, Lovely Olivia !

Olivia said...

Thank you to each and every one of you!

Norilynsabdulla, Meri, sarah, yes, let's dream!

Olivia said...

Patti, I'm just dreaming here. It's fascinating to think that any of these could even be remotely do-able, really. It's hard to imagine. But I am!! Something opened up for me here. Love to you, xoO

Olivia said...

kate, yes, I too feel small and undeserving, unworthy of even what I have let alone anything bigger than what I silly. I'm so glad you posted, and I think that this hit a chord with many of us.

I'm so glad you're doing EFT. I'm like Mary Catherine...I "forget" about EFT much of the time. I long to be a tapping machine again...okay, so maybe this can be my FiRST dream. I'm really, really encouraged by your experience with EFT AND your dreaming experience!

Peace, love, blessings, tapping, xoO

Olivia said...

Yes, Mary Catherine, me too. I used to do it all the time. kate has inspired me here though. I often don't do the things that help me the most and "forget" about them! What is WITH that?

Okay, so I'm waiting for YOUR post on this! xoO

patti said...

It may be just dreaming but sometimes it's an indicator of where we need to go.

I know how well you write and speak and believe you would be a wonderful Motivational Speaker.

I'm glad it has made you think about what is possible in your life. Dreaming is creating your reality.... That said, now I should go and create my own dream!!


Olivia said...

And to My Queen would be good to look at that. I feel as though I'm treading water lately, not moving forward but going round and round in circles. I want to LET GO of several things that are time consuming and leading me nowhere...big time wasters that are more anxiety-absorbers (like television) than anything else. TV can be great of course, but it's all in how you use it. If you use it to slow yourself down from moving forward and spend too much time with it, then feel regret at the end of the day...and I have several things like this in my life.

The main phrase that is used in fasterEFT is "Let it Go", over and over again. Your comment, and all of these comments, really is God/the Universe telling me that I need to Dream...Move...Believe...and Persist.

Thank you, My Queen, and Everyone! xoO

Olivia said...

Sarah, thank you for coming here. I visited your blog and it looks wonderful. I will be reading it! I am a survivor of child abuse. Peace and love, Olivia

Olivia said...

You're absolutely right, Patti, and thank you for the affirmation AND the example with your own life :) xoO

rebecca said...

olivia...your visit and thoughts today mean so much to me. welcome to the light of a new day! your dream speaks to me too....and i will be watching it unfold!

groovysabrina said...

Wow, thanks for this post, Olivia. I think you are absolutely right! I, too, have been dreaming too small. Why do we do this? ok, off to dream big right now.

Olivia said...


You have so much of your life ahead of you and between you and Daryl, so few limitations. It is THE PERFECT TIME to dream big, because your horizons are relatively unlimited right now. So much possibility. Of course, at some level this is true for all of us, but even more so when we are younger, without major health issues, with a fantastic education and lots of supportive family, incredible looks, and an amazing spouse--and you both have all of these things! Plus not a lot of baggage--bad decisions and choices--to carry. I'm glad you're dreaming :) Much love, xoO

Olivia said...

Rebecca, thank you for your comment; even though we have recently met online, your spirit shines through your blog. Thank you, my dear, xoO

Anonymous said...

I love this. I'm always amazed when I realize I've been dreaming small. I felt shivers of delight when I read about the part of your dream where you are a motivational speaker. Here's to big, beautiful dreaming!

Anonymous said...

I love this. I'm always amazed when I realize I've been dreaming small. I felt shivers of delight when I read about the part of your dream where you are a motivational speaker. Here's to big, beautiful dreaming!

Olivia said...

Thank you, Lori-Lyn!

You know, it's pretty funny that someone so introverted as I am would enjoy motivational speaking. But I do! And I am surprised that it resonates as well with so many who know thank you for affirming this.

I'm glad that you dreamed big when you dreamt about being a Reiki practitioner and intuitive. Look at what happened! I feel privileged and inspired that I got to see it happen.

Peace and love,

Seeking Simplicity said...

Oh Olivia.... this looks like fun and I'm going to post my dreams this weekend. Going to go pop over to the links you reference above.

And you know... I guess I've always dreamed little. I would never dream of two houses..... isn't that odd. I definitely would dream of 2 ovens in a professional kitchen...

Thanks for sharing this great idea!
hugs and happy thursday!!

Olivia said...

EB, I would love to see your dreams and will look forward to it. You know, it was fascinating seeing kate i's dreams and Kelly's dreams and comparing them. I know that I will learn from yours as well.

I like your dream of two ovens in a professional kitchen. I once had two ovens in a very ordinary house on Long Island (that was considered a common luxury for a regular house, like a large bathtub with jets would be now). The rest of the kitchen was very basic. And there was only one stove. And only one bathroom in the house, which was normal too.

So bring it on, EB :) xoO