Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wellness Wednesday: Withdrawing

I have decided that I'm not going to watch the news any more. I don't believe we were made to be able to absorb so much pain, strife, cruelty, etc. At least I'm not.

My biological brother (whom I am estranged from) works a government job yet his incredibly time-consuming passion over the last several years has been articulating views on his award-winning blog from the extreme political left that I can only describe as hate speech. A friend from high school has been expressing her views from the fringe right-wing in my Facebook stream that are equally as filthy and shocking. I care about both of these fine people, which is what makes reading what spews from them so tragic. I want to empathize, I want to care, and I do, but then I feel pre-occupied with what could have gone wrong with them to make them be so passionate and devoted to sharing such hateful beliefs.

I've decided that for my own health (I've been having chest pains today and think it's just anxiety...and to some degree, a broken heart) I am going to take a break from the news and from people expressing so much negativity. I think we all have to make decisions about how much of this we can let into our lives.

I want to know about our world but I don't want to dwell on evil and hatred...I would rather focus on what is right with it, and do what supports me in being as loving as I can in my own life. This is my Wellness Wednesday gift to myself.

~Photo by LoveHubbie Mark edited by me

UPDATE: Here is a talk ending in a meditation that soothed me tremendously by Marianne Williamson for those of you who would enjoy it (it's over an hour long, but balm right where I need my heart).


patti said...

A great decision O. I avoid it where I can, there is just to much out there that I don't need to see.

I'm not putting my head in the sand, just protecting my psyche.

Have a peaceful and happy day!!

Olivia said...

Another distressing comment from my high school friend and so I unfriended her. It feels good. We can only do so much, and when we express that we don't want something in our space, and someone insists, it is disrespect.

I always mourn the loss of a friendship...and I miss my brother...but we are the ones who decide what we allow into our lives. If it's hate and we don't like it, we're adults now, thank God, and we can just say no, not in my space, not in my life.

Olivia said...

Thank you, Patti. I am an admitted Late Bloomer, and a little slow here, but better late than never, right? Protecting our psyche's is up to us and no one else. It's good to know though, that someone else does it, someone that I respect...thank you for commenting. xoO

Kate said...

Good decision one I made long ago. When there are events like this I break that rule and watch again but i then find I have to shut myself off of it. It doesn't serve me to watch that much tv let alone news. I have some FB fans I don't read there status, too much politics that I would rather not here about. You made a good decision.

laundrygirl said...

I was just talking on the phone with a friend about this very thing. We were saying how hard it is to deal with the news lately. For quite a few years now I have limited the amount of news media I consume. In particular I do not watch the news at night, especially before bed because it makes me far too anxious. I struggle with the fine line between being informed and being overwhelmed by too much information. Sounds like a good decision...

CrystalChick said...

I think it's a wise decision for you to move away from news that is so negative if it is bothering you. As I mentioned on FB, I will watch certain programs but not with any regularity.

I didn't listen to the whole Marianne Williamson talk but what I did hear felt very true. I have no experience with the Course in Miracles but can agree that miracles do occur in pure love. The story about her friend and the valium was funny. :)
The information coming out about Bin Laden and his death has been somewhat interesting to me, however, not in that celebratory way. Like she said that even if a death was necessary, don't celebrate it. And I do agree that every action has a reaction so of course the terrorism and wars do not just now end. Ah, maybe someday... with more understand and better dialogue?
It's alot to process.
One a side note, I was planning to post pictures of 'patriotic' crystal earrings earlier this week on FB because I had sold a few pairs over the weekend (Memorial day and the 4th is coming!) and wanted to share them but then I thought people might think I was trying to push them because of what happened, which is so not the case. So I just posted some pictures on my jewelry blog but my FB people don't have that addy. And when I listed them in my store I didn't post the link. That doesn't quite help me with sales though. lol

Kim Mailhot said...

I have had to make this decision for my own well-being too. I get little glimpses into what is going on through reading the news on-line but I cannot have the visual images in my mind, as they will haunt me in my waking and non-waking hours. You and I are among those highly sensitive people who feel compassion so very deeply that we need to learn to filter what we are exposed to. But this is not a weakness, Olivia. The world needs people like us who choose love and compassion over all else. Think of your decision as a protection for your own strengths and sensitivity. The Love and Compassion you feel matters to this world, Beautiful One. Shine One !

Olivia said...

Kate, I keep being amazed that here and on FB so many people do not watch the news or else they strictly control their access to it.

I also have several FB friends status's hidden. In this case though, I changed my mind and unfriended my high school friend after all because she continued with her negative comments and it didn't seem likely that she'd be influenced by me. She also didn't respect my boundaries and posted right on my wall. So I thought it was time.

Take care Kate, love to you, xoO

Olivia said...

Oh I think it is a great decision Kristine. We can only do so much, and if you don't sleep then why go through all of that? I have really had it with stress lately and want to take care of my health also. Good for you for figuring it out without any more angst :) Peace tonight, xoO

Olivia said...

Mary Catherine, I can so appreciate your not wanting to capitalize on a death, even the death of a murderer. I think that it shows your integrity and is a good thing. And in the long run I think you'll have more sales, or at least more good karma. Good for you, my dear! xoO

Olivia said...

Oh Kim,

I know exactly what you mean about the images "haunting" you--that's just how I feel.

I remember when the excellent war movie with Tom Hanks came out and everyone saw it and told me I had to go see it because it made them feel like they were actually IN the war itself, experiencing just what the soldiers did. I wondered why I'd ever want to feel that. I do think I hold onto things in a different way than others do.

I agree that we both feel compassion and process things differently than other, and I'm glad to know you do too! Filtering is healthy and safeguards the sensitivity of the spirit, I think, and keeps us from falling into depression. In my case I fall into a tizzy of anxiety and obsession with images and story and it is just not worth it at all. I feel like I actually GRIEVE!

Thank you for the Affirmation, Kim; it SO blesses me! Peace, love, joy, and more beauty, xoO