Sunday, January 20, 2008

Transformational Weight Loss Update #6

I've been having an interesting thing happening with this process. The foundation of Transformational Weight Loss (TWL) for me is trusting my body. This is important to me in far more than just weight loss. I'm learning to listen to my body when it tells me it's tired, when it needs a break, when I'm having an emotional reaction of some type, and much, much more. For most people, this type of experience is pretty basic and obvious, but not for me. Until very recently I ran my life via my mind and my will, and so missed out on much of life. So there is so very much to learn.

I'd been having a problem with TWL and food, though. Unfailingly, I'd see what my body wanted to eat. It would be clear and certain. I really loved having this clarity. For example, tonight I knew I wanted a piece of pizza. Of course, me being me, it was a healthy whole wheat pizza with organic ingredients :) The pieces were small, so I thought two pieces would be perfect. And then I wanted some fiber "filler" (since I was really, really hungry, having exercised...walking very slowly with two knee braces on a level path and my Nordic Ski Walking poles to buffer the impact...but still, it was exercise!) so I had a large salad of lettuce, sprouts and tuna salad. Perfect! I saw it in my mind's eye. Then I prepared it. Then I ate it. For me, this was a resounding success.

In the past month or so, I would have done the exact same thing, up until after I saw it in my mind's eye. Instead of having the food my body wanted, I would choose something else and eat that and feel how it felt to overeat. Again and again and again. Like a broken record. I finally realized that I couldn't make the connection between what my body wanted and what I actually did to make it happen. I felt the lack of empowerment of my behavior and my choices. I just couldn't make it happen. This was a really good thing. It made me realize how I needed the big life changes that I made this past week. I'm going to write about those in an upcoming post, as soon as they've gelled enough for me to do so. But suffice it to say that I've been able to make the connection and I'm connecting with my body.

Later I'll write about the missing piece that enabled me to make the connection.

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ClaireWalter said...

I read about your early Nordic Walking steps back in November and am glad that you are keeping it up. Hopefully, it will continue to contribute to your health, wellbeing and weight loss.

Claire @

Olivia said...

Thank you, Claire. I am definitely keeping up with Nordic Walking.

I recently got two cortisone shots in my foot so that I could continue to walk and hold onto my sanity and peace of mind. I find that the poles help to minimize the impact to my lower body.

I pre-ordered your book via Amazon. I certainly love Nordic Walking and am hooked. I like that it's a bit avant garde for the US right now and enjoy the looks and comments I get. I'm an early adopter so it's right up my alley. In addition, I really like having a sport that I can do at my current fitness level (quite low) but that will accommodate an increasing fitness level as well!

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Journey Through Life said...

This is wonderful, Olivia! To be able to visualise what you need and then to be able to follow through with it is such a break through.

I've been going through something similiar the last couple of days as a result of a new influence in my life. I will write about it soon.

I also really liked what you wrote about listening to your body and when it needs a break or an emotional need. It made me realise that it's okay today not to be flat out. I need a break.

Thanks for sharing!

Olivia said...

Thanks for your comments, Annie. I can't wait to hear your news. I am SO curious!! I'll be excited to talk to you tomorrow...yes, it's true, Annie is going to call me tomorrow---WHOO HOO!