Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday: Peaceful Day

Today I felt surrounded by a strange and pleasant peace for apparently no reason. It was a very ordinary day.

It was sunny for most of the day, an unusual event here.

My chicken Isadora is sick and may die; I can't go out and see her because it upsets me too much. LoveHubbie is taking care of her. We only keep three chickens at a time and they don't live very long but each death is still traumatic for me.

The fire was good and strong today, and the wood was dry and split into large pieces. So I was mostly warm, not cold in the house.

I went for a walk with my knees both in braces, very carefully and very slowly, using my Nordic Ski Walking poles to help cushion the impact; a passerby yelled at me, "Hey, there's no snow!"

I turned the bathtub water on to fill it and forgot about it for...a few hours...we have an overflow...

I watched another episode of the PBS special The War with LoveHubbie to continue his birthday celebration (his birthday was yesterday) of fun with pizza and television.

I had a long and luxurious quiet time reading this morning.

Nothing special, just an ordinary Sunday, but I felt so good. I kept thinking about what made it a Sacred Sunday that I could blog about and my answer was...everything. That's all.

~Picture by LoveHubbie Mark


Patti said...

If I could take a snapshot of a 'special' day, it would be a day just like yours - the everyday things that we do, the simple pleasures. Every day is miraculous if we choose to see it as you have.

Kate I said...

What a gift to have an "ordinary" day...and even to have had some bumps in it, and yet to feel peaceful and content. Now that is what I call an everyday miracle! If only we could put a whole string of these together until we didn't know how to create anything else and every day would be a day of peace and contentment. I know it's possible and we'll get there soon!

Olivia said...

Patti and Kate,

What you each said so beautifully complements my post...I wish I could have my blog set up so that everyone could read the comments right along with the posts as they add so much.

Days of everyday miracles, simple pleasures, peace, and contentment to you both,


Jane said...


It's so nice to have those peaceful "zen-like" moments during the course of a regular day. Let's face it, an average day can bring about anything, but to have a peaceful state is a real blessing.


Olivia said...

Absolutely, Jane. Thanks for leaving a comment at the happyluau. I read your blog daily and love to follow the adventure of your life, and especially appreciate your self-portraits and pictures of your jewelry. Peace to your day, O