Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday: Ordinary Miracles


Journey Through Life said...

What a beautiful comment at the end of this video about appreciating the ordinary miracles in our life. Beautiful.
I also love seeing videos of where you live. It is just so amazingly gorgeous. I would be heaven living in your environment!

Olivia said...

Dear Annie,

Your part of the country is so very beautiful, IMHO, but I'm glad that you like mine, too :) I'll bet you could take some awesome photos here!!

Much love, O

Rick Hamrick said...

O--your experience of the ridge acting as a weather break is not at all unusual, although it is pretty cool to have a house such as yours, built at just that point where the ridge interrupts the weather.

My dad and stepmom used to live about 50 miles south of Denver, and there was a considerable ridge between where they lived, and Denver. It was quite common for major storms to bump up against one side of the ridge or the other--either my dad getting a foot of snow, or my area getting it--and for the other side to see nothing or close to nothing.

Weather systems, it would seem, have great respect for ground features!

Thanks, Olivia, for the reminder to be present with our gifts, be they miraculous or mundane-seeming.

Olivia said...

"Weather break"---so THAT's the term---yes, this makes sense. Ah, I'm glad you and your parents had this experience and appreciate the explanation, Rick.

You're welcome, Rick. Blessings and peace and rest, O