Friday, January 11, 2008

Nice Version or Raw Uncut Uncensored Version

Here are two videos. One is 1:51 about how I'm doing. I realized that it was my nicey-nicey version of how I'm really doing. I've been being nicey-nicey lately all the time. So I remade the version into a more authentic and succint version of how I'm really doing, which is only 51 seconds. Here they are:

Nicey-nicey "How I'm Doing" (1:51):

Versus Authentic and Succinct "How I'm Doing" (51 seconds)---or as they say, Raw, Uncut, and Uncensored Version:

I think I like the raw version. It's more real. How about you?


Rick Hamrick said...

I have to tell you, Olivia, that I have not and will not listen to the candy-coated version.

If you offer the unvarnished truth, that's where you will always find me, front row.

Bless you for declaring WHAT YOU NEED, RIGHT NOW.

If we all were a bit better at both knowing what the heck it was we needed, and then being bold enough to demand it, we would all get along much better (once the initial shock wore off).

Olivia said...

Thank you Rick, for this support and encouragement. I really needed to hear this tonight. I would like to do away with the nicey-nicey stuff---it isn't me! Blessings and thanks, O

Journey Through Life said...

Oh Olivia, I am SO the opposite right now. My heart aches from loneliness. I do so much better with people around me and yet 90% of my life right now is alone. Yes, I do need time to myself but not like this!!

I hope you are finding yourself once more.
Love to you,

Kikipotamus said...

Olivia, I watched them both and I want you to know that I find both Olivias to be wonderful human beings, but I feel closer to the second (uncut) Olivia. She is real and real and real. Real is GOOD. Love, K

Olivia said...


I feel so badly for you...I hope that you too find yourself among others who can appreciate and care for you as you deserve. We are all different, and this is good. We all have to seek balance. I wish you good and caring company...soon!

Much love, O

Olivia said...


Thank you, Kelly. I like the REAL Olivia too. I agree that real is good and real FEELS so good as well. Peace and blessings and joy today, O

Carla said...

I didn't watch the first version but I absolutely *adore* the second version. Hope you got your alone-time -- my sanity and I need lots of it too.

Olivia said...

Carla, I'm getting it, slowly but surely. I need a lot of it too. I like to first version just to remind me how I can stray from being easily...Peace, Carla, O xxoo

laundrygirl said...

I cracked up at the authentic version! I loved it!
I also can relate to it which is why I was amused!

Olivia said...


It's so much better to be AUTHENTIC...this I have finally learned, I hope! Old conditioning prompts me to be nice, but this is no longer necessary!!


I'm learning slowly, but at least I'm learning!

Peace, O