Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sacred Life Sunday: Yes, Still Practicing the Sabbath

Today I had yet another attempt at practicing the sabbath. I journaled my progress throughout the day once again. Sharing this with you really helps me to see how I spend my time, keeps me accountable.

8:00am: Slept in and am glad it's the sabbath and that there is nothing today I must do. Started my day answering emails, connecting with people.

9:00am: Had a quiet time of reading and journaling, something I've not done like this since I returned from vacation three weeks ago. Note to self: this time is critical and I want to return to doing it daily.

9:30am: Had a conversation with LoveHubbie where we actually communicated (like I do with my friends). Joy!

11:00am: Started to blog about this to share it with you. Still reading, writing. Ok, so I'm leaping off the cliff and am going to read fiction---the ultimate indulgence!

11:40am: Reading an advance copy of "How to Buy A Love of Reading" by Tanya Egan Gibson. I am in love with words! So glad I did this.

Noon: LoveHubbie is cooking a brunch of eggs and wild salmon that we'll eat as we watch CBS Sunday Morning, my favorite show. I love how it always gets me interested in things that I have no intrinsic interest in whatsoever. We're celebrating Mother's Day :)

1:15pm: Still watching CBS Sunday Morning. Oh, it's good!

3:15pm Went for a short walk up and down our driveway and lost a game of ping pong to LoveHubbie.

3:45pm: At last...doing some art. I'm going to be making two cards today, one for a friends and another for my stepson's wedding next week.

5:30pm: I ended up making one for the friend. My heart wasn't in the know how there are some people who appreciate handmade things and then others who would rather have something store-bought? I decided to give my stepchildren what they prefer (store-bought) instead of what I'd enjoy giving (handmade). Thus I had lots of time to do the one for my friend. Here it is:

It looks sort of ugly odd in this picture, but this card looks much better than I can photograph it. It is stamped all over and then the object in the center is a mosaic made of UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel™). I was very pleased! It was fun to relax and be creative.

6:00pm: I wanted to publish this before the day was over, so here it is. For the rest of the day I'm going for another short driveway walk during which I will phone a friend, then read my novel until bedtime. YUM!

This was a great day. I feel as though I'm getting the hang of this sabbath practicing. No need to set boundaries today. Ahhhhhh!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you who are mothers, and to all of you who mother. I send a special shout out to my mother-friend, who is not my biological mother, Rose Marie. Here is an old picture of us from several years ago:


thailandchani said...

Sounds like a great day! Let me know how you like the book. The title is a bit intriguing.


Olivia said...

It was, Chani, thanks!

This is about a obscenely wealthy family who tries to buy their daughter "experiences", in this case, "the love of reading". I've read about 60 pages so far and it seems intriguing, lots to think about. I'll know in a bit here if you'd like it :)



CrystalChick said...

I love the card! I have lots and lots of stamps but why haven't I used the many containers of embossing powders that I have for such a long time? Must get back to that!!
I know what you mean about some not appreciating the handmade factor. I have stopped giving my art to a couple in hubs family and I'm sure it makes no difference to them. That's okay, there are many others who do want to feel special!

Lovely picture of you and your mother-friend!

Olivia said...


Thank you for your kind words! Yes, that's it exactly! I'm not sure why some people don't get it, but you're right---there are many others who do. Much love, O xo

Angela said...

Oh, Sunday Morning is one of my favorite shows too, but I don't watch it all that often. Your card is beautiful and I'm glad your sabbath was a peaceful one. Great picture, too. Olivia, just looking at you makes me happy. :)

Olivia said...

Thanks so much, Angela...I appreciate your kind words and am glad that looking at me makes you happy :) You deserve MUCH happiness. Wishing you that and more,

kikipotamus said...

Oh, what a nice day! I especially appreciate that you and LoveHubbie communicated and played ping pong.