Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sacred Life Sunday: Practicing the Sabbath (Again)

Today I had another attempt at practicing the sabbath. I journaled my thoughts throughout the day. Even though it was an ordinary day, I had some good lessons. Writing about it here all day helped me to focus and be accountable.

8:05 am: I started out the day with a morning walk. The sun was shining here, and rain was expected later, so I scooted out very early for the first time in---three years! I've been too stiff and tired in the mornings in the past to do this, but today it was what I wanted to do. It felt new, different and lovely. I did nordic walking aerobically and am now going to ice my knees. I'm so pleased with myself and this new experience of energy. I'll be back.

12:40 pm: Next I had a business meeting. I will not do this any more. It was someone who insisted upon meeting today, that today was the "only time" they could do it. They did not understand or respect my desire to keep a sabbath, which I shared with them. It may be better to just pass on such folks in the future, and let other people work with them. It did effect the energy of the day. Part of the advantage of working for yourself is that you have more control, if you take it. I'm taking it.

12:50 pm: Found out that this same Person committed me to contacting yet another person today, as in, he told them that I would definitely call. Set another boundary with said Person that I make my own appointments, that my time cannot be committed for me. I see a pattern here with this Person of not understanding or respecting my values. Will draw yet another line here.

1 pm: Laundry, housework, puttering around the house getting organized for the week ahead. This is an enjoyable activity for me, very relaxing. It is a glorious day, not rainy as predicted, and I am enjoying it.

1:20pm: I think that the key to setting good boundaries is follow-through by imposing whatever you say the consequences are. This is what I have been lax in doing in the past.

6:30pm: Spent some time doing some personality testing for my new job earlier (this is actually fun for me), as well as catching up on a Grey's Anatomy show while having a nice meal. Then I went to Joann's to buy some art supplies and saw Leah's magazine there--Whoo hoo! On to the gym for a workout of basic stretching and weights and gyrokinesis. I experimented with two minutes on the treadmill and two minutes on the elliptical. We'll see if I can walk tomorrow...I have patellofemoral syndrome and my knees are really sensitive...I also wore my bulky and uncomfortable orthotics from the podiatrist.

On the agenda for the rest of the night is finishing that Grey's Anatomy, then getting started in my tutorials for my new laptop and phone (only for about an hour at the most). I will end it with reading for pleasure (!) and an early bedtime (by 9:30pm).

Other than the learning I did from allowing some unwanted job work into the day, everything was just what I wanted. It felt much better than past Sundays.

Next Sunday will be even better.

~All photos by LoveHubbie Mark (some are from Maui, some from my home here)


Angela said...

Sounds like a lovely Sunday. Good for you for setting those boundaries. What do you do, O? I realized I don't even know. Glad to have you back. I'll get caught up soon.

thailandchani said...

Setting boundaries seems to be one of those things that helps keep us sane. Good on you for learning to set them! Wish I'd learned that a long, long time ago! :)


groovysabrina said...

Setting boundaries is a good lesson indeed! One that I need to learn as well. Good for you, Olivia!

Olivia said...

Thanks, Angela. I used to work in my husband's business until April 19th when he fired me. Now I promote the health supplements that have helped me. It's a big switch, lots of changes, lots of opportunities to set boundaries and learn new things. It's good to see you here; I know you're busy with your new job and place. Aloha, O

Olivia said...

Well, yes, I'm learning. As in "beginning the process"...nowhere near where I want to be. And yes, absolutely necessary for sanity's sake. And I think you're pretty darn good at it! xo, O

Olivia said...

Hey, groovysabrina! Good to see you here! Thanks for the support. We all need to, we can all improve, and even being AWARE of it at your age is doing pretty well! Take care and enjoy doing your laundry, Love, O

Anonymous said...

I find it absolutely astounding that after you told someone you observe the Sabbath, they still insisted on Sunday. Around here, the Mennonites have signs up that say "eggs" or "maple syrup" or whatever, and under that always, always "NO SUNDAY SALES." No exceptions.

Olivia said...

It's simple disrespect, Kelly, which is really my own fault for not insisting on strong boundaries. It's nice when they're respected, but often it isn't, and it's our own fault. I hope to not repeat this! Using the Mennonites as inspiration...xo, O