Thursday, May 28, 2009

Relationships and Business on an Out-of-the-Office Day

I thought that after such a downer post, I'd follow with something more positive. It is, afterall, the happyluau!

Today I am having an out-of-the-office day.

What I enjoy most about my work is what I enjoy most about life---the relationships. I love forming relationships, the interacting, the sharing of ideas and feelings, and the continuance of the relationship via mutual support and nurturing. I think that's why I enjoy Facebook and Twitter---they are tools for connecting and for nurturing relationships. So are emails, phone calls, letters, and even visits---in-person and face-to-face relating.

I spoke to a mentor of mine yesterday and he encouraged me to emphasize in my job the relationship part of relationship marketing---building the relationships and allowing the business part settle in to whatever is best for the other person. Emphasizing the relationship and caring. The rest will take care of itself. This seems soft and unbusiness-like, but it appeals to me greatly. I am going to dinner tonight with someone interested in joining my organization, and my most important goal is to listen to her, to help her feel heard and honored, and to help her decide if my group is something that is right for her. In contrast to what I've been blogging about lately, this type of activity feels so right.

In the meantime, I am getting caught up on housework, laundry, processing the mail, exercising, doing the dishes, and the like---all things which now feel very holy and special to me. At home, looking out at the woods, all feels sacred, and I look forward to the day. After a night of no nightmares.


kikipotamus said...

Olivia, I really appreciate the soft approach. I have developed strong loyalties to certain suppliers of goods and services and one of the things I appreciate is when that supplier is available but not pushy. On the other hand, I was recently on the verge of going to an acquaintance's "free information session" and ended up not being able to go. I had planned to reschedule, but the possessiveness and pushiness that followed my postponing scared me right off!

Olivia said...

I appreciate your comment, Kelly. I have to be myself (and I don't want to push anything on anyone OR be pushed myself). If we just follow the golden rule in general, it's so helpful. Relationship marketing is a personal development program, for me a spiritual discipline of learning how to put integrity first, quelling any emotions that come from a selfish attitude of wanting a sale. I like this and am learning so much.

Then, I think like will attract like, and hopefully I'll find people (like you) who appreciate my approach.

Welcome back from your retreat!