Saturday, February 28, 2009

Twittering, It's All About Being Connected

I am an introvert who is falling in love with Twitter. More so than Facebook, it allows me to be connected with other people in a unique way. The more I use it the more I like it. For those of you who still wonder about Twitter, see this talk on TED called "How Twitter’s Spectacular Growth Is Being Driven By Unexpected Uses" found via Mashable and @ShermanHu. The talk itself is just under 8 minutes long.

I only twitter from my desktop here at home, and I have it set up in a cool way with an Firefox extension called Twitterfox. It allows the tweets to come in and notifies me in a small bubble off to the side that I can ignore or notice, like gmail's notifier. But the best thing about it is the sound effect I've chosen to notify me. It's the sound of ocean waves. This lets me pay attention or allows it to stay in the background, and all day long I periodically hear the ocean. Reminds me of Hawaii, of living on the beach, of peace and calmness. Makes my office even calmer than it already is. Nice.

If you'd like to connect with me on Twitter, follow me @obrown...note that I've integrated Twitter with my blog happyluau in the column on the right. Status updates go straight from Twitter into Facebook, that way I just enter them once. See, it doesn't have to be hard...

~Photo of Black Rock on Maui by LoveHubbie Mark


Lori-Lyn said...

Ah the ocean as a notifier! How beautiful!

Kate said...


I like twitter a lot too! Its like if I am down or lonesome I can pop on for a minute and be connected to someone else. Plus I like how fast and quick it is. The small window is great.


Olivia said...

Yes, Lori-Lyn I LOVE my ocean!

And I feel exactly the same way, Kate!

Two sweet ladies ALSO on Twitter!



patti said...

I am not familiar with twitter so it was interesting reading your post.

I am afraid of spending even more time on the internet than I already do. I try to regulate my blogging and I must confess I'm not a good facebooker at all. Not sure if twitter would be my thing, however I will check in on you from time to time there.

Olivia said...


I don't think it's for everyone. It makes me feel connected when I'm already on the computer, so I don't think it would add too much time for me.

But it took a lot of time for me to learn, because of the way I learn, and I'm still learning. It's worth it for me so far.

Although I could certainly spend less time online...I'm not sure I want to yet. I know that I absolutely don't want to give up the relationships or the feeling of connectedness, which I really love.

We'll see.

It is an interesting phenomenon, isn't it?

Peace and love,


CrystalChick said...

I am still enjoying FB so have been a little hesitant to take on Twitter. I'm very visual and like all the pictures and things you can do and send on FB. I recently got in touch with some old high school buds and we posted our grad photos and had fun reminiscing. Talk about feeling OLD. LOL
Well, so many people love Twitter that it's worth looking into one of these days soon.

The photo LoveHubbie took of Black Rock is GORGEOUS!!! Really really lovely photo. :)

Olivia said...


Yes, I love that about Facebook. It is very visual and there is a lot to DO there, and it's really all fun, isn't it?

I've done the same thing with people from HS I haven't seen or heard of in 34 years. My classmates look old, is a real shocker to realize how old I AM!

I will tell LoveHubbie you like his pic. He is a great photographer.

Peace and joy,


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link to the TED talk. I have yet to meet a TED talk I didn't love.

Olivia said...

You're welcome, Kelly! Now if we only had enough time to listen to them all! :) xo, O