Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wellness Wednesday: Too Much Gratitude

There's no such thing as "too much gratitude". It doesn't exist. And today, Wellness Wednesday, I continue to be ultra-grateful, especially for my health, but for all of my many blessings, too numerous to count.

Today, great news: It's been 5 days without a migraine. I do believe I'm on my way to feeling like me again. Thank all of you for your well-wishes, prayers, and positive energy!

And something I've waited for for 6 long years is happening: Trader Joe's is coming to Olympia. Yes, yes, to Olympia, Washington, to my town! It's official; it was in the paper today. No more 80 minute treks to University Place in Tacoma or Federal Way in Seattle. It will be easier than ever to be healthy and to save money at the same time.

I've been a Trader Joe's customer since they came to the Metro Center in Phoenix, Arizona at least 15 years ago. Pulled up my U-Haul to that store when I left Arizona for Dallas and took as many nonperishables that I could afford with me. Dallas was the outback as far as Trader Joe's was concerned---and still is. Here is a fun tribute to Trader Joe's, but advance warning---only TJ Fans will really like it---so if you're not one, this is one video you can pass on and not miss out :)

Trader Joe's plays Hawaiian music in their stores and tells each employee to exemplify the "spirit of aloha". Two more reasons to be loved by us at the happyluau!

Video by Carls Fine Films


Claire said...

they're my favourite US store :o) my dear friend in santa barbara sends food parcels of my favourite TJ foods...
O happy day, dear olivia xxx

Kim Mailhot said...

Glad you have had some really good days ! Sending prayers and blessings for them to continue !

Stay well !

(Cute video ! thanks for sharing)

thailandchani said...

It's good to know you are getting back to healthy again. :)

TJ's is one of my favorites. The food is good and reasonably priced. I like to buy plenty of things for the freezer and keep it around all the time.


CrystalChick said...

Glad you are feeling better!!

I LOVE TJ's but haven't been there in some time. The one nearest me is about 20 or so minutes away during light traffic and because it was a very small store I could never get all our groceries just there. The parking and lines could be a bit frustrating too. But I did like alot of their products and prices so eventually I'll go back.
I'm shopping at Wegman's currently and they do have some good deals as well, but it's a BIG store and takes time to get thru so we only go once every few weeks.

I liked the video. :)

Olivia said...

Thank you all so much for your support!

It is good to find other TJ fans as well. I have been known to send care packages to others in less fortunate areas (areas far from TJ's).

Glad you all liked the video as well :)



Kikipotamus said...

I have never been in a Trader Joe's, but I just found out there is one in Ann Arbor, which I'll be visiting before long to attend Sacred Harp singings. :)

Olivia said...

Oh, go there, Kelly, you will have so much fun! Between TJ's and the Sacred Harp singing, you will have a lovely, lovely time. I love to watch your life expand! Happy singing and shopping, O