Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More on Giving

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."---Winston Churchill

And what if we combine the two...what if we make a living and a life by what we give, primarily, and then get? I'm not sure where this is leading, but it is making me think. I hope it does the same for you.

~Picture by LoveHubbie Mark


thailandchani said...

The dualism makes me squick a little bit.. but essentially, I think it's really important to take things out of the realm of economy and move it into giving for giving's sake. If we truly believe we'll get what we need, we don't have to weigh and measure our efforts.

Granted, there are some things I weigh and measure because I have to. That is mostly in other realms though, rather than economic.


Olivia said...


I'm thinking about this.

I think that the reason that I have separated the two (giving and getting) is that I have been thinking lately that with new energy I may be able to earn money to be more financially self-sufficient. This has been an area of difficulty for me for at about 30 years.

If I do nothing, I will still get what I need, I do know this; however, for it to come from me instead of LoveHubbie it will take some intention, and that's what I've been looking at.

I'm still not sure that I would/will go in this way, because it's too early to tell, but even that the possibility is before me is new (because of the potential for health improvement).

So we'll see. But I think that they don't need to be separate. In my own mind they have been in the past because I have historically (before the last ten years) just been trying to survive as opposed to primarily try to identify what I have to give to others. Ideally perhaps I should have been thinking of giving...we all can give. But I was locked into a fear-based ideology of struggle-survive.

Marrying LoveHubbie changed this part; maybe I am ready for a whole new phase.

Thank you for being provocative as always, Chani.