Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grace, Hawaiian Style

"Grace is the inalienable right of all beings to receive the light of God, the inalienable source of all healing.

From the power of God comes this completely unconditional love, which heals and propels support.

Grace is absolutely free. You don't have to do anything to get it.

Grace is not something that can be taken away from you, in the Hawaiian point of view.

You do have to acknowledge you are human and humans have grace inalienable. It's really a re-remembering you have grace and thus going back to your authenticity of who you are.

When grace appears in the consciousness the natural response is gratitude.

Gratitude is the action linking the grace to us.

Grace connects and deepens the channel of gratitude. Hawaiians acknowledge the grace received--it is natural and so evokes gratitude."---from "Wise Secrets of Aloha" by Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim and Garnette Arledge

~Photo by LoveHubbie Mark

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