Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Night

In this short video, I show you Leah's print that I bought, had framed, and then hung in my bedroom. It's just under 2 minutes long:


Leah said...

Oh, what a treat to not only see the art framed on your wall, but to hear and see you sharing it. Thank you! I'm so glad you love it.

And a big yay for your excess energy! That's wonderful! May you find the connections you seek. (((hugs))) xo

laundrygirl said...

Great art, cool video. I'm glad to see you with a renewed feeling of energy!

Rick Hamrick said...

O--it's a great joy to hear you talk about having energy! There are entire new worlds which open when you are able to invest yourself in them, and energy is the starting point.

Are you entirely sure, though, that you are ready to have actual social engagements with people who are in the same room?? {GASP}

What will all of us, your eFriends, do while you are off gallivanting in the analog world?

Kerstin said...

Don't you just love Leah! She is one of my very early blogging inspirations and I have yet to frame one of her prints, I love everything she does, she is so talented.

I am still not into the Twittering, even going on Facebook was a huge step for me although I do quite like it now. Much of my resistance is about the time I end up spending on my computer. It's just too much, and too addictive. So I am still holding back on the twittering, for now anyway.

I so love your video blogs, you have such a lovely way about you, Olivia :)

K xo

Olivia said...

Thank you, thank you Leah!

And thank you too Kristine, me too :)

Rick, I hope to have time for both my eFriends and my imaginary social contacts here :) How could I not? You all are so great!!!!

Kerstin, A lot of people have reservations about twittering, I do know. And I agree with you totally about Leah!

Blessings and love and gratitutde to you all, my lovely eFriends :)


patti said...

Beautiful artwork from Leah - lucky you!

I'm so very glad you have new found energy Olivia. It means you can be in touch with the world and everything seems possible, as opposed to it all being out of reach.

I'm crossing my fingers and hope that it stays with you for a long time to come.

Kate said...


I am glad that you have more energy, that's awesome.

That is one of my favorite of Leah's paintings. It looks beautiful framed and on your wall.


Olivia said...

Thanks Patti. That is it exactly, when you said, "It means you can be in touch with the world and everything seems possible, as opposed to it all being out of reach." and I am still letting this sink in.

I'd thought I could feel better, but only hoped I'd feel like this---"normal"---with the same amoutn of energy as other people. Not just better, but alive.

It is still sinking in!



Olivia said...

Thanks, Kate. It was my favorite of Leah's too and every time I look at it, depending upon where I am in that moment, I can see different things. I love that, and haven't really had that experience with a painting before.

Love, O

CrystalChick said...

OH girl.... if we lived closer you'de be out and about so much you'de have to post updates on Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger from the ROAD!! We'd go shopping for craft supplies and then make cards and other yummy things and we be getting our roots done together and hanging out at TJ's and bunches of other things. I dunno, but I think after a month or so you'de be bolting the door as I came bounding up your path.... hehe

Nice print. Complimentary frame!

Olivia said...


You are just TOO funny :) That actually sounds like A LOT of fun! You got me ROTFL there :), thanks.

Fun and frolic,


Angela said...


Leah's "Keys to Winter" is just gorgeous and the setting you chose for it was perfect! I'm so glad you're feeling some renewed energy. And hey, at least your roots are still dark - mine are white! I always love to see OTV here and your smiling face.

Olivia said...

Thanks, Angela :) It's always so good to see you here...and on your blog as well. Many blessings and love, O