Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sacred Life Sunday: Inflammatory Breast Cancer

My highest hope for today's Sacred Sunday post is that it may save someone's life. A friend sent me this video and I wanted to pass it on to you. If you don't have six minutes, just watch the first four. It is worth it to save the life of someone you love. Please especially pay attention to the symptoms.

It is outrageous that the medical community is so ignorant of this disease and that women were diagnosed with bug bites on their breasts. If you are inclined to be activists about it (which I am after viewing the video) make sure that the physicians you know are informed about this as well.

I had never heard of this before, had you?


thailandchani said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'd heard of it but didn't know the symptoms.


Olivia said...

You're welcome, Chani. I'm glad you know and you never know when it might come in handy--hopefully not with yourself but perhaps in talking to another woman. I thought it was very important to post. Love, O

Anonymous said...

I'm very grateful to you Olivia for sharing this - I had never heard of it and will make sure the women I love get the word!

Kate said...


Yes I know about this. I passed this video around last year. I think it needs to be done years so you catch new people who know nothing about it. Thanks for keeping it going.


Olivia said...

Kelley, I'm so glad it helped you as well. Let's remember this and spread the word! Peace and love, O

Olivia said...


You are always so ahead of me! But I'm a happy follower :) I learn a lot from you.

I agree with you. I think that it is good to alert as many people as possible to it so that people will know and lives will be saved.

Love and blessings,


Anonymous said...

No, I had not heard of it. Thank you for spreading the word.

Olivia said...

You're welcome Kelly. Blessings and love and joy, O