Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wellness Wednesday: Nordic Ski Walking at 95

This is a picture of a woman named Agatha Nordic Walking at age 95 originally featured on the Nordic Walking Blog. That inspires me, for sure. I still Nordic Walk, it's just that my distances are limited by my foot problems. However, you'll find me on clear days going up and down, up and back, over and over again on my driveway.

I also wanted to mention (just for the sake of silliness) Japan's Banana Diet Craze. It is Wellness Wednesday. Let's have some fun!

LoveHubbie just got back from an out-of-town trip, so I've been taking care of pre-vacation things here by myself for the last two days. The whole two days of his trip went by, and I'm at a loss for what I did except for errands and things like getting my car fixed, sending off a departing employee, helping with some minor office problems, handling an insurance problem, doing some banking, handling some business on the phone with various doctors, getting my rings cleaned at the jeweler, etc. Stuff that you need to do but that you don't have a lot to show for at the end. Except for that nice feeling that stuff got done and the pile in your head of undone things is a bit smaller.

So this is one of those posts that you post when you really have nothing major to say, but you just want to stay in touch. And I thought Agatha was a great poster woman for wellness, too. Makes me feel like Nordic Walking is a life sport that I'll hopefully be able to continue until I'm 95 as well :) Happy Wellness Wednesday evening!


thailandchani said...

Nordic walking? Oh, my! I don't think that will ever happen here! LOL


patti said...

Whatever gets you moving!

I LOVE bananas and since we get them year round here, I have one on my muesli every morning. I'd have withdrawls symptoms if they went off the shelves - and they did for a time - after a huge cyclone let loose up in northern Queensland and destroyed all the banana crops. Prices went sky high. It's all good now though, thank heavens!

Kim Mailhot said...

Balancing the wellness circle around me is always a challenge but I have been feeling well spiritually and better emotionally in the last little while. So now the emphasis has begun to swing back to the physical wellness that I often neglect. I was just saying to another blog friend that I need to invent a way to visit blogs, write emails and make digital collages (something I want to learn) all on the treadmill or exercise bike so I can get my body moving more! I feel like I spend too much time sitting ...way too much time sitting....

So thanks for the inspiration from you and Agatha - you are my last visit this morning in Blogland - I am off to walk this wonderful body of mine ! (the dog can come too !)
Stay well !

Kate said...

I wondered if you were still doing that. I've got the crud but wanted to say hello and wish you well on your vacation.. Also where did you buy the necklace you sent Lori-Lyn? I know I saw them somewhere but can not remember where.



Rick Hamrick said...

Dang, O, when I saw the headline on this post, I was afraid you were considering an attempt at going way too fast while Nordic Walking.

You should never exceed 55. Otherwise, any blowout of a knee or ankle could prove fatal. Better still, keep it below 4. Much safer.

(sorry...sometimes I am overcome by late-night silliness)

Olivia said...

No, is done even in Hawaii. In the water. I do it here in Washington. It helps minimize stress to your hips and ankles, aids in balance, and helps you to get a better workout in the given time. You can vary the workout based upon how you feel. It is a true "life sport", one that can even be done (apparently) at age 95!!

:) Much love, O

Olivia said...


Now THAT's one thing I didn't know about you---bananas!! I thought it was silly, but perhaps it makes more sense than I thought.

I am going to be eating fruit every morning for breakfast, soon...papayas (my favorite) but sometimes bananas!



Olivia said...


Gosh, I know how hard it is to balance all of the things I love to do with movement, too. I also love to's a matter for me of alternating one with the other throughout the day.

But for that to happen, I need to have TIME, which seems scarce so much of the time. I think I am very fortunate to have so much control of my time as it is, though.

I just wish there were MORE.

I hope you had a wonderful walk and continue to enjoy the movement, Kim,

Peace and joy,


Olivia said...


Ha, ha, I wish...I walk like a turtle, but I enjoy every minute of it L)

xxoo, O

Olivia said...


I sure hope you feel better and rest up! I got it from Liz from Be Present Be Here. Her blog is:

and her etsy shop is:

Enjoy and take good care, Kate,