Friday, October 3, 2008


"Would you rather be right about being powerless or wrong about your ability to be great?"---Unknown


Kate said...


I would have to go with I would rather be wrong about my ability to be great. Powerlessness is a horrible feeling and I think we have all felt that way at one time or another. Not knowing I could be great and still do great things is so more empowering in itself,


yertle said...

Thanks so much for this. Feeling powerless is the most difficult part of my situation right now. When I stay present, I do get inner wisdom from my heart. There has to be greatness in there.

Rick Hamrick said...

While I understand the unspoken message, I would not address it in this fashion.

We all have greatness in us. We can certainly be wrong in how we pursue it, but we can never be wrong in our acknowledgment of it. The question then becomes moot.

Powerlessness is, for me, the very same myth as my impression in my dreams that I can fly. I cannot be either powerless or airborne. My life exists in the huge space between these two impossibilities.

Olivia said...

Kate, I do understand. Feeling powerless is a terrible feeling. Being empowered is a much, much better feeling for sure. Joy, O

Olivia said...

yertle, I do believe that there is greatness in your heart. And in your ability to be present and loving others. Sending positive thoughts, prayers, caring, and good energy their way.

I disagree with the idea that we are entirely limitless and can create/control everything in life. But I do think that we can have great, great influence. I hope and expect that many people are praying for Carly because of your efforts. And that her parents feel loved by you as well.

Peace, blessings, and continued good news on your journey, O

Olivia said...

I agree, Rick, that we all have greatness in us. I don't think that we can be wrong in our acknowledgment over it, either.

I think that the quote was more implying that we could overreach for our, say, if I tried to compete in the Olympics or the Mrs. America beauty pageant. But I don't think that would be a bad thing, either, to have a dream and then to fail to reach it (the old "aiming for the stars but reaching the clouds" thing). There would still be greatness in that.

I hear what you are saying Rick, and I think that it is profound...being in the huge space between two impossibilities.

Thank you for this,


Jane said...


Great thought provoking quote today. I believe we all have greatness in us. I also believe that the fearful voice can be so loud in our heads sometimes that we can't hear the greatness.

Feeling powerless is scary but I also believe that there are some things we simply have to let go of and realize that we are powerless over. When I feel this way, I'm giving over the huge things to God and trusting that my back is still covered. In a sense, I'm letting go of the crap in order to let the greatness in.

Olivia said...


As you are in the maelstrom, may you find the way to let go and to find yourself again. Your comment(s) and posts has especially resonated with me these last few days/weeks.

Peace, O xxoo